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The Morning Stake | 2019.10.08

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Countdown to Kickoff. Check out Countdown to Kickoff at Talk 1340 featuring your guys from the 23 Personnel podcast, Spencer Rogers and Michael McDonald, along with Rob Breaux and Karson Robinson, 3 hours before kickoff each and every game!

Mr. Rogers’ Sweaters. Via Smithsonian Magazine, what it took to find Mr. Rogers’ iconic sweaters:

After striking out at stores, Borland spotted a postal worker on the street wearing a cardigan looked a lot like Fred’s. She asked if she could see the label and jotted down the name of the manufacturer.

This is where the story gets hazy. Borland said she remembers calling the maker of the postal sweaters but doesn’t remember whether she got them from that company or another supplier they recommended.

A+ School and Everyday Apparel, a sweater manufacturer based in Burlingame, California., has supplied the U.S. Postal Service for decades, and Vince Knoss, co-owner of the company, says it is “very possible” that the show’s production staff bought their zip-up cardigans from one of the company’s many distributors around the country. “We always thought Fred Rogers wore our sweaters,” he says but sales records don’t go back far enough to confirm it.

The cardigans themselves give no indication of their source, since Borland had to buy all-white sweaters and remove the labels before dyeing them. She had plenty of experience as a wardrobe designer dealing with massive tasks — for George Romero’s Day of the Dead, she worked on some 500 zombie outfits. To dye Fred’s sweaters, she purchased an industrial sized soup pot from a restaurant supplier and hung them on a clothesline in her backyard. “It was a big decision to buy the pot. It cost $70,” she says. Stirring constantly with a yardstick, she saturated the sweaters in shades of purple, green, red, blue and rust.

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You Better Use Your Season Tickets. Because Coach Chris Beard said so.

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Sweep! Congrats to Jett Duffey, Jordyn Brooks, and Trey Wolff!

Iowa State vs. Texas Tech Game Time. Keep your mimosa and Bloody Mary ingredients handy as you’ll need them next weekend when Texas Tech hosts Iowa State at 11:00 a.m.

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