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Let’s see what happened in Week 8

BIG 12

West Virginia 14, #5 Oklahoma 52

Not much to see here. Jalen Hurts scored 5 TD’s (3 passing, 2 rushing), the game was relatively one sided, and the Mountaineers have yet to beat Oklahoma since joining the Big 12. West Virginia QB Austin Kendall did return from an injury he sustained last week. West Virginia will have a bye this week before playing Baylor on Halloween night (seems like a great time for a Baylor loss).

Kansas 48, #15 Texas 50

Justice is a construct of society and not a naturally occurring phenomenon, constant and reliable. This game is case in point. Kansas (Kansas!) went to Austin on Saturday, traded blows with the ranked Longhorns, and scored in under two minutes to get the score to 46-47 before the point after. A simple PAT ties it up and could get you to overtime, the safe play. Or you could be Les Miles and DO THE DAMN THING AND GO FOR 2. Two they went for, two they received. And then Texas had to go and be Texas and ruin everything, driving down the field in the final 1:11 to set up a game winning field goal from Michael Dicker. Not all dreams come true.

#18 Baylor 45, Oklahoma State 27

The Pokes kept this one close until they didn’t, as Baylor put up 35 points in the second half to come back and put this one away. Chuba Hubbard still put up 171 yards and 2 TD’s, and Baylor QB Charlie Brewer only threw 17 passes.

TCU 17, Kansas State 24

After a great start to the season, Chris Klieman’s Wildcats hit a bit of a rough patch once they got to conference play. They found themselves in a hammer fight on Saturday against TCU, where they pulled out a win in the fourth quarter and only put up 266 yards of offense on the day. TCU QB Max Duggan ran for 115 & passed for 132, so we have that to look forward to. The Frogs take on UT in Fort Worth next weekend while KSU hosts Oklahoma.



I am not, nor have I been accused of being, fast. But I can’t imagine how absolutely amazing it must feel to open up the throttle like Hamler does when he hits the 30. #7 PSU held off #16 Michigan, and I would think Harbaugh is pretty firmly on the hot seat now.


Newton’s Third Law states that for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. Seen here: Fresno State RB & part-time physics tutor Saveion Johnson stiff arms a defender. The defender then collides with the earth, which in turn pushes him back off the ground a few feet. Science is fun!


Soooooo remember last week when I was bragging on #6 Wisconsin for their insane defense and how formidable they’ve looked? About that. Congrats to Illinois and Lovie Smith’s fantastic beard. Extra kudos to the Illini students who celebrated on the field to Jump Around (a Wisconsin 4th quarter tradition).


I guess I never really thought about what was in the Sooner Schooner. I assumed they just put people in it, and they would just hop in before they did their ill-advised chuck wagon race and hop out when they were done. Apparently they just use it as a novelty garbage can though? look at all the debris that throws out. That’s both nasty and disrespectful to your school’s symbol. Gross, Oklahoma.


Leave it to Air Force to keep it off the ground (/bows)


Folks, Arkansas is at it again. You just hate to see it.


New overtime rules dictate that you have to start going for 2 point conversions starting in the fifth (!) OT. Mack Brown’s Tar Heels got to see this in action against Virginia Tech this weekend, where they lost 43-41 in the 6th OT. Mack Brown refuses to let a week go by without me having to talk about him.


Alabama put away Tennessee but QB Tua Tagovailoa got injured, LSU beat Mississippi State, Ohio State & Clemson routed their opponents, and Florida escaped getting the Georgia treatment from South Carolina


  1. Alabama (-)
  2. LSU (-)
  3. Ohio State (⇑1)
  4. Clemson (⇓1)
  5. Oklahoma (-)
  6. Penn State (⇑1)
  7. Florida (⇑2)
  8. Notre Dame (-)
  9. Auburn (⇑2)
  10. Georgia (-)
  11. Oregon (⇑1)
  12. Utah (⇑1)
  13. Wisconsin (⇓7)
  14. Baylor (⇑4)
  15. Texas (-)
  16. SMU (⇑3)
  17. Minnesota (⇑3)
  18. Cincinnati (⇑3)
  19. Michigan (⇓3)
  20. Iowa (⇑3)
  21. Appalachian State (⇑3)
  22. Boise State (⇓8)
  23. Iowa State (NR)
  24. Arizona State (⇓7)
  25. Wake Forest (NR)

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