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The Morning Stake | 2019.11.01

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Hootie & the Blowfish are a Touring De Force. Via Billboard:

Hootie & The Blowfish would like to make one thing clear: They never really “broke up.” A turn that dramatic would have been fundamentally at odds with the quartet’s image (though they’d likely be loathe to call it that) — four genial South Carolina guys who stumbled into mega-stardom while playing music purely for the love of it, only quitting touring in 2008 when amphitheater gigs had shrunk into shows at casinos and 4-H Club fairs.

They’re still really, genuinely friends, they insist, 34 years after guitarist Mark Bryan first heard frontman Darius Rucker singing a Billy Joel song in the shared bathroom of their University of South Carolina dormitory — longevity that’s almost as remarkable as releasing one of the 10 highest-selling albums in RIAA history.

That’s not to say things haven’t changed. “It’s different than the old days,” says drummer Jim “Soni” Sonefeld. “When we went out to do the first record, we just spent six weeks in Los Angeles, basically living at the studio. There wasn’t a worry in the world. Fast-­forward to kids and life and everything … to find even three or four days to set aside was difficult.”

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Texas Tech Defeats K-State, 4-1; Finishes 2nd in Big 12. Oklahoma State finished 7-1-1 and Texas Tech finished 6-1-2, so just percentage points away from winning the Big 12. A 4-1 win last night was absolutely beautiful.

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Red and Black Series. First pitch to the series starts today at 3:30 p.m. Don’t be surprised if some of your baseball experts (that’s people other than me) maybe get a podcast or post in after seeing the series. Not making promises.

Texas Tech Basketball

A Publis Service Announcement.

For the Kids.

The Mentality. SI’s Dan Greene sits down with Texas Tech head coach Chris Beard about how he was shaped as a coach and the upcoming season:

Lubbock, the so-called Hub City of Texas’s expansive and sparse South Plains region and deep in the heart of football country, has fast become an improbable bastion in the loaded landscape of Big 12 basketball. Texas Tech enters this season with different expectations, which is a testament to that success. For one, another heavy roster churn—just three players return from last season—has this time resulted in an infusion of unusually heralded freshmen (five-star guard Jahmi’us Ramsey, top 100 wing Terrence Shannon Jr.) and hotly pursued grad transfers (do-everything wing Chris Clarke from Virginia Tech and face-up forward TJ Holyfield from Stephen F. Austin). The team is ranked 13th in the AP’s preseason Top 25 and is picked third in the Big 12.

The Red Raiders are finally seen as true contenders, alongside the more experienced powers (such as Michigan State, whose coach Tom Izzo has been to eight Final Fours) and the one-and-done way stations (Duke, Kentucky and newbie Memphis) that more typically populate the top of the rankings. “We’ve been on both sides of it,” says Beard. “Just like we always understood there wasn’t much validity to what everybody thought before [last] season started, now we say we gotta go earn it.”

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