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The Morning Stake | 2019.11.22

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Inside the SEC on CBS contract discussions and what could come next. Via

However, a pressing question in certain circles is how long those good times will last for CBS. In conversations with television insiders, conference experts and others with knowledge of the situation, anything but a crystal clear picture emerges about what will happen to the highly valuable SEC package when its deal with CBS ends after the 2023 football season.

CBS has publicly stated it wants to extend the deal, which pays the SEC $55 million annually. Privately, the network has indicated it would like to have a deal done before the end of 2019. To this point, CBS hasn’t made an official extension offer to the SEC, but deal parameters have been discussed, and the SEC has started getting specific on what it wants.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey declined to go into those specifics but stated he’s taking a long-term view and mentioned presentation, level of exposure and revenue as factors.

“We appreciate that there is stated interest in extending the relationship from the CBS side,” Sankey told

CBS wants to keep SEC football but will face stiff competition. The television industry has salivated over a chance to secure the SEC package that has long been considered the biggest steal in the sports TV rights world. It’d be easier to name which networks aren’t interested than all of the ones that are.

“I would assume every major media company that currently broadcasts live sports would be interested on some level,” said Dan Shevchik, vice president of Sports Media Advisors, which has helped negotiate $10 billion worth of media rights deals. “It’s arguably the premier college football package. You have to think a little about their other rights deals and how it would fit with them.”

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Ntambwe Denied NCAA Waiver. I don’t really have a source for this, but it made the rounds yesterday and head coach Chris Beard addressed this after the game. UNLV transfer Joel Ntambwe was denied the opportunity to be eligible immediatley and will have to sit out this year. I don’t think there’s any sort of appeal (there possibly, but it is unlikely to be overturned). The complaint here is that most of the other UNLV players who also transferred are eligible immediately and there’s not much rhyme or reason why Ntambwe’s waiver request was denied.

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Cartwells. Still surprised that some of you complain about Cartwells and the content. It’s obvious that there’s a sponsor, so you’re getting it whether you like it or not because it is sponsored. Also, sometimes, it’s not about you.

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