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The Morning Stake | 2019.12.13

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Countdown to Kickoff. Check out Countdown to Kickoff at Talk 1340 featuring your guys from the 23 Personnel podcast, Spencer Rogers and Michael McDonald, along with Rob Breaux and Karson Robinson, 3 hours before kickoff each and every game!

The Most Modern of Modern Sports – The secret runaway success of Kenneth Gandar-Dower’s racing cheetahs. Via Damn Interesting:

With the ample quarantine space at Hackbridge Kennels, Hooku and Gandar-Dower began training the cheetahs immediately. They built a 100-yard track along the length of the compound, and hoisted an old Fiat car at the finish line with a specialized drum attached to the back wheels. From it they spooled out a long cable with a dead rabbit at the end, allowing the engine to pull the bait away at increasing speeds until the cheetahs would reliably chase after it.

Before long, word of their activities got out, and Gandar-Dower found himself at the center of an unexpected controversy. On February 4, 1937, Labour politician Sir Frederick Messer raised an official inquiry in Parliament over the rumor that Gandar-Dower would be “coursing with live game,” and asked the Home Secretary to prohibit “this new form of cruelty.” (With typical dry English wit, another Member of Parliament asked if the right honourable gentleman was aware that “cheaters” were already a feature on most racing tracks.) Messer didn’t specify whether his concern lay with the death of the rabbit or the treatment of the cheetahs, though neither complaint seemed entirely appropriate to the venue. Live game was already prohibited in greyhound racing, and was not exactly a “new form” of cruelty. Moreover, the import of exotic animals was not under the Home Secretary’s jurisdiction. But public perception didn’t hinge on such technicalities. A week after newspapers reported on the testy parliamentary hearing, Gandar-Dower arrived at the kennels to discover two of his cheetahs inexplicably dead inside their locked paddocks.

Texas Tech Soccer

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Basketball

Texas Tech Football

Brooks Second Team All-American.

McNamara Freshman All-American.

All-Texas Team. If you’d like to check out the entire team at Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, that’s the link.

5 Reasons Why Texas Tech Will Be Better. DallasNews’ Brice Paterik has 5 reasons why Texas Tech will go bowling in 2020 and here is one of those reason:

Consistent routines

A full year of Matt Wells at the helm will do nothing but help the consistency heading into this recruiting class. Players next season will know exactly what to expect from their coordinators and head coach which will make life much easier for the players.

Figuring out the tendencies of a coaching staff takes time and provides one more thing for players to think about that isn’t the actual game. With a year under their belts, players will be able to better focus on the task at hand when they know what to expect from their coaches.


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