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The Morning Stake | 2020.01.23

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Internal NCAA report reveals worries over athlete pay, lawsuits amid amateurism debate. Via Los Angeles Times:

Last spring, an NCAA working group gathered at a Dallas-area hotel to discuss a strategic vision for the billion-dollar organization.

Each attendee received a 44-page report marked “Privileged and Confidential — Not for Distribution” filled with anonymous feedback from top college athletics officials. The document, obtained by The Times through a public records request, provides a rare look into the unfiltered thoughts of 52 university presidents and chancellors, athletic directors, conference commissioners, NCAA staffers and others on key issues facing the organization.

There are concerns about media coverage of the NCAA, plaudits for initiatives to improve the health and academic success of athletes, worry about the influence of money, frustration with the organization’s thick rule book and widespread apprehension regarding the future of amateurism, lawsuits and whether athletes should be able to make money off their name, image and likeness.

“The general public does not view the NCAA in a positive light. There was a huge communication plan to fix this, but then the scandals ruined that,” one person said in response to a question about an opportunity the organization should leverage.

“It is a hard environment with these sports writers who think amateurism is ludicrous. I think there is room for the definition of amateurism to evolve. In some sports, it is okay for students to compete in non-collegiate competition, like the Olympics, where there is an opportunity to make money through endorsements. And this inconsistency is ridiculous to me. Treat student-athletes like other students. If a pianist got an endorsement from Steinway, we go, yay. If it is an athlete, totally different story.”

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Lady Raider Basketball

Lady Raiders 89, Oklahoma 84 (OT). I was able to somewhat check this score on occasion last night, but the Lady Raiders defeated Oklahoma in overtime last night. First quarter was pretty even, but the second quarter was 20-8 in favor of Oklahoma, so that meant that the Ladies would have to mount a furious comeback, which they obviously did. St. John’s transfer Andrayah Adams scored 29 points and Chrislyn Carr scored 24, with 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. According to Twitter, this is the first overtime win for the Lady Raiders in 4 years. Unfortunately, the Ladies will have to play Baylor in Waco on Saturday, who have won a ridiculous number of Big 12 games in a row.

Texas Tech Basketball


Kansas State vs. Kansas Fallout and Punishments. If you haven’t seen the fight that happened the other night, it’s embedded below. The Big 12 handed down punishments and they are as follows:

Kansas: Silvio De Sousa – 12 games; and David McCormack – 2 games.

Kansas state: James Love – 8 games; and Antonio Gordon – 3 games.

I’m tempted to say that given the video, this simply wasn’t enough. De Sousa should have been suspended for the year, had someone not taken away the chair, he was about to go WWE on someone and that’s not okay. Not even a little bit. The big takeaway, the Big 12 continues to disappoint and letdown at almost each and every opportunity.

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