Texas Tech Football Notebook: Virtual Coaches and Offseason Work

Let’s get into some stuff.

I hope all is going well for everyone. I hope everyone has recovered from the winter storm in some form or fashion. Work for me continues to be a bit insane, but I suppose that’s good.

In a few weeks, I might have a pretty fun announcement. Not counting my chickens, but it could be a fun thing.

Also, I’m still thinking about the commitment of Oregon quarterback Tyler Shough and that’s a huge piece to the puzzle. So big. I was ready to throw down a proposed depth chart today, but I’ve had to reverse course and go with this as I need to revise that post. It is giving me something I haven’t felt in a while, some hope that the season will go better than expected.

Let’s run through some football things.

With only having time to write about the actual events, and even that’s tough sometimes, I’ve not had time to focus on some of the content that I think deserves a bit of notice.

It is the offseason and this is the time for these players to get better physically. I don’t know why, but I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for the strength coach Dave Scholz and think he’s done a good job. At the very least, we know that he greatly transformed Jordyn Brooks and my guess is that he’s probably transformed some guys that we simply don’t know about. Previously, Scholz would post tweets of before and after shots and hope we get a bit of that this year. As far as right now, these are the guys who have performed well thus far.

As programs look to be innovative and actually try to involve high school coaches and reach out to these coaches, that’s a difficult thing to do. So, what do you do? You schedule the coaches to give a talk and maybe get a connection with those coaches. It’s like asking out a pretty girl, the worst you can say is no, so there’s no harm in trying something like this. I think coaches are not permitted to go on high school campuses until sometime in May and players are not permitted to visit college campuses until the same time. Hopefully these coaches and players will be permitted to travel after that.

It is nice to see the players and coaches have some fun playing whatever game they’re playing here. Yes, it is the offseason and these guys are trying to get better, but trying to have a bit of fun is good. We only get so many rotations around the sun so this seems like a good thing.


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