Texas Tech Basketball: Jaylon Tyson to Transfer to Texas Tech

It’s heating up.

Oh, how the turntables. Last year, Jaylon Tyson was Texas Tech’s lone high school commit for then head coach Chris Beard. Once Beard took the Texas job, Tyson then decided to follow Beard to Austin. I really do not have a problem with that and more than anything, I want players to be happy.

Well, Tyson apparently was not happy because he entered the transfer portal and then last night he decided that he would transfer to Texas Tech, the original school he committed to. I’ve listed Tyson at 6’7″ and 200, but truthfully have no idea how much he weighs. He looks like he’s added weight since he was in high school and that was at 185.

Tyson played in 8 games, averaged just 1.8 points, 1.1 rebounds, and 0.4 assists a game in just 6.9 minutes a contest. Tyson was a top-50 player in the 2021 class and will likely not be eligible to play in the 2022 season, but will be eligible as part of the 2022-2023 season. Notice the red and black hearts. I think he very much regrets where he was and is very happy to be back.

With Tyson’s commitment, I got a bit curious about the current eligibility chart. I want to make it abundantly clear that with the extra Covid-year, there are players who actually may have a redshirt available to them, but I don’t have the means to verify that. So, a player like Mylik Wilson could have an extra year if he wanted if he had a Covid-year available to him.

You’ll note from the chart that things are very well filled-up this year and don’t know if Tyson needs a scholarship or if he’s just a walk-on for a semester. Regardless, he’ll be on campus. Starting next year, there’s the chance that players like McCullar and Shannon turn professional or guys may transfer, so there may be additional spots that open up.

For now . . . there are 2 spots remaining for the 2023 team as each year you are permitted to have 13 scholarship players. My guess is that there will be 1 or 2 more freshmen and then the transfers will make up the rest to fill out the roster. With the addition of Tyson, Isaacs, Washington, and Jennings, this team is looking pretty good long-term, where that was a pretty bleak situation before the signing period. Maybe that’s why I didn’t do one of these up until now. Is there something wrong in the Eligibility Chart? Probably. It’s a first draft, but I think it is more right than wrong.

Eligibility Chart

Position Player 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
Guards Clarence Nadolny | (6-3/195) | JR
Kevin McCullar | (6-6/195) | JR
Mylik Wilson | (6-3/175) | JR
Ethan Duncan | (5-11/160) | FR WO WO WO WO
Lamar Washington | (6-4/200) | FR HS
Richard “Pop Pop” Isaacs | (6-2/180) | FR HS
Forwards Adonis Arms | (6-6/205) | SR
Davion Warren | (6-6/210) | SR
Terrence Shannon, Jr. | (6-6/210) | JR
Chibuzo Agbo, Jr. | (6-7/215) | SO
Sardaar Calhoun | (6-6/220) | SR
KJ Allen | (6-6/215) | SO
Jaylon Tyson | (6-7/200) | SO
Robert Jennings | (6-7/220) | FR HS
Bigs Kevin Obanor | (6-8/225) | SO
Marcus Santos-Silva | (6-7/250) | SR*
Bryson Williams | (6-8/230) | SR
Daniel Batcho | (6-11/245) | SO
TOTALS 13 11 7 5 4 0

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