Texas Tech Football: Running Backs Coach Kenny Perry Speaks to Media

Perry talks RB’s.

Running Backs Coach Kenny Perry was made available to the media yesterday and here’s a non-transcript of what he said. I will mention that Perry speaks incredibly fast, faster than most people, so this was a more rough non-transcript than normal. Also, the Tyler Schovanec referenced as the special teams analyst is the son of Texas Tech President, Lawrence Schovanec.

  • Kids are buying into the work, getting a lot of reps in, just trying to get corrections made and fix the thing for the next practice.
  • I’m the luckiest coach in America, 2 good running backs, pass protection, running, catching, and leadership, want SaRodorick Thompson to be a more vocal leader, Tahj Brooks is getting there as well, helping the young kids out and making plays every day.
  • Cam’Ron Valdez has to keep growing, young kids have to keep growing and work on pass protection as they now have linebackers who are 230 and coming at you, they have to stick their nose and get bloody you have to do it or not play, he had a couple of big runs and does well in special teams.
  • Usually in spring ball the defense is flying around, we have a good defense and good secondary, hard throwing in widows, first day made plays in small window, Kittley has pounded the kids in being consistent and still have 11 practices left.
  • They have no choice, I’m going to be the same way, I love these kids have told SaRodorick and Tahj, I love coming to work, I love being around them, you want to come see our kids and coaches every day and Joey McGuire has done a good job of meshing coaches and players. I hope I’m responding to them, I won’t change who I am as a coach, I want them to know they are going to get my best every day.
  • Arlington Lamar. I was good enough to go to Houston, played with David Klingler, didn’t have that type of speed and moved to defense, played on special teams. I don’t even know what I’d be able to play with these kids, they are too athletic. Senior year had 1,000 yards rushing, watching these guys I was nothing like them, usually get 5 yards, but I’d get lucky and break one for 15.
  • I have the best assistant Tyler Schovanec, I’ve been at TCU, Kansas, and SMU, but on the other side, but knowing the offense has been great and Tyler has done a great job of planning that out and been fortunate to work with him.
  • Best thing about him, Trey Wolff has done a great job for now, Gino Garcia has experience, I’m in a good situation, Trey has experience as well, especially out here in West Texas, they know that practice wise, we’re kicking outdoors.
  • Obviously want to come out healthy, have to get after it and up front as the defense puts pressure on us, they have to make guys miss and have guys catch the ball. Kittley will put us in position to see what guys can do what, I think he wants to utilize those guys together more this year and will allow us to do more this year.
  • In our meetings, it’s fun being around him, Kittley is a young guy and is brilliant, what he makes important in practice, if we have to run the ball 30 times if we have to, he’s kind of mixing it up, from slots to outside guys to outside guys to the running backs, he’s giving guys the opportunity to do stuff.
  • [Inaudible question] I didn’t see him in 30 years, saw him at Kansas and saw him at SMU and he was a great offensive coordinator and saw him in 2018 and think he’s still trying to coach.

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