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The Morning Stake | 2022.04.01

April Fool’s Day alert.


I’m feeling a bit under the weather, just tired more than anything else, and my wife had it last week, so now it’s my turn for a few days. I’d also advise you to remember that it is April Fool’s Day and I’ve never done April Fool’s Day jokes and will only advise you to be on high alert for shenanigans today.


Adonis Arms announced on Twitter that he would declare for the NBA Draft and hire an agent, so I think that means there’s no coming back. I sort of thought he’d move on anyway as he’s really improved his stock since arriving at Texas Tech and became a legitimate candidate to get drafted or most likely a free agent pick-up. Go chase those dreams.


Baseball is in Lawrence for a 3-game series with Kansas, first pitch today is at 6:00 p.m. and all games will be on ESPN+. I’ve got the series thread set to be scheduled for posting at noon.


Normally Texas Tech will post the videos and I’ll do the non-transcript, which is what RedRaiderSports does to an extent (they’ll do actual quotes and are actual reporters), but this time, those videos haven’t been posted to YouTube (as of 4:30 in the morning) so I’ll link to the folks who have done that.

RedRaiderSport’ Trevor Cobern recaps the media scrum with offensive coordinator Zach Kittley. The biggest news is that defensive back Nate Floyd (6-0/175) moved over to the offensive side of the ball. Here’s Kittley on the offense overall this spring:

-Kittley loves how close the offense has been this spring, and can’t wait to see how they play together on Saturday.

“It’s great. We have a lot of fun once again. We’re out here all day together. We do a lot of walkthroughs and some of those things. Once again, I feel like we’ve got a very unselfish football team. Guys just love being around each other and we have a lot of fun out here when we’re together. It’s been a lot of fun so far. I’d say this is probably the most bought in I’ve seen a full football team.”

RedRaiderSports’ Justin Apodaca recaps the media scrum with defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter and here’s a bit on what he hopes for this spring:

Ahead of the first scrimmage of the spring, DeRuyter talked about what he wants to see from his defense.

“We’re going to have missed tackles, it’s the first time we’re going to tackle live,” DeRuyter said. “I want our guys running their butts off to the ball. I’d love for us to go at the football and take the ball away”

DeRuyter elaborated and said that turnovers are a large part of the Red Raiders plan to win this season.

“Big thing for plan to win is ‘take three,’ we work takeaways every day,” DeRuyter said. “We’ve got to tackle well, run to the ball well, and hopefully get some takeaways.”

Texas Tech held their pro-day yesterday with 13 different participants and 28 NFL teams represented. There’s details there at that link for how each player did in those measurables.


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