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The Morning Stake | 2022.05.12

Results are in.


 Red Raider Sports’ Chase Champlin has a Q&A with incoming freshman Lamar Washington, who if he sticks with this long-term, is going to be amazing. Here’s a bit, but there’s more there.

What was the biggest reason you picked Texas Tech?
“The playing style for sure. They turn defense into offense and they play hard on defense. The defense they play is the same exact one we play at AZ Compass so it was perfect.”


I’ve tallied the results from yesterday’s post and LOL at the Texas results. I’m right there with you all. A little surprised at Iowa State’s results, but with a new quarterback, who knows. I’m also seeing that you all aren’t a believer in Sonny Dykes. And I’m also a bit surprised that the results weren’t more split with Texas Tech, I would have thought this was a bit more divided, but absolutely not.

Team Over Under Push
Baylor @ 8.5 44.30% 55.70%
Iowa State @ 7.5 28.90% 71.10%
Kansas @ 2.5 56.50% 43.50%
Kansas State @ 6 34.80% 11.90% 53.20%
Oklahoma @ 9 25.40% 34.80% 39.80%
Oklahoma State @ 8 54.20% 11.40% 34.30%
TCU @ 7 5.50% 60.70% 33.80%
Texas @ 8.5 12.30% 87.70%
Texas Tech @ 5.5 90.20% 9.80%
West Virginia @ 5.5 53.90% 46.10%

This is a longer interview with head coach Joey McGuire with some guys who run a network in Baylor called 365 Sports. McGuire talks about NIL, about recruiting in West Texas, and what he does on the road (he calls former lettermen), as well as the quarterback room. This was a fun listen.

 Dallas Morning News’ Ryan Mainville had 5 reasons for optimism the other day and today is 5 reasons for pessimism. Here’s one of them.

Offensive line
The biggest factor in Texas Tech’s performance next season is the offensive line. McGuire’s additions of Michael Shanahan, Ty Buchanan and Cade Briggs added some much needed depth to the group, but it’s still too thin for comfort. Ethan Carde and Weston Wright are the only two returning seniors who project to play big minutes next season. There are some promising players on the roster, but many of them will need to be hits. If not, Texas Tech is fighting an uphill battle.


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