Texas Tech Football: A Shot Putter Joins the Team

Ramping up.

Definitely had time to do a non-transcript over the weekend. This video was published on Saturday morning, but just didn’t get watching it until Sunday, so I figured I might as well wait until Monday to publish. Normal disclaimer, these are not direct quotes, just me typing as fast as I can while watching the video.

  • Do this every year, greatest thing about my birthday is I get to be with my team, good energy with my practice and I hope they give that to me tomorrow as well.
  • I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a dunk tank for my birthday, so it was fun. TK got me, Debbie pushed the button.
  • We were able to add Gabriel Oladipo (Ed. Note: he’s a shot-putter and discus thrower and on the track and field team) to the group, had him cleared, he’s a bit human being that is strong and athletic, any time you can add big people that can run, he squatted 855 pounds, got a waiver for him. He’s going to have a good opportunity, it is a deeper room. He talked a bit during track, but was running out of his eligibility and that waiver happened yesterday. We were preparing, we got going faster because he’s a Texas Tech athlete.
  • High school is when he last played football. We’ll find out, he’s in great shape, with him it will be technique, and he has the best in the game with Zarnell Fitch, he has great passion.
  • Tyree Wilson is getting acclimated, didn’t finish spring, if it was a game he’d be playing, just building back where he is absorbing and will be full-go starting that second week heading into the scrimmage. Strained lower back, just building back.
  • Larry Moore, we’re getting more reps than anyone in the country, but he is more comfortable playing the offensive line and with Gabe arriving it allows us to go one on each side. I had the DB’s standup, Muddy is sick, some guys stepped up at star, Tavares Elston, he’s not going back to linebacker, and Derrick Lewis.
  • I don’t know if have been around an offensive line that is in better shape, that is a credit to Lance Barlow and Brandon Lee, taking that serious. It has been a dramatic change in strength and knowledge of the offense, sustain the practice, we’ll see how it goes in pads, but am really happy with the offensive line. Spencer Cole had a knee, we knew, he’s on the same timetable as Tyree, but he’s getting more work with Drew and see where he is. He came in that way, not a surprise to us, knew from the get-go he wasn’t going to be ready.
  • I think we knocked some rust off yesterday, had times on defense that didn’t fit well. Today the energy level was good. Could see the guys going into meetings yesterday, and taking those meetings out on the field. They are paying attention, the coaches are coaching, liked the energy today.
  • Spencer could be possible to missing a game, will have to get enough contact, plan is to get that full week for the second scrimmage, and the mock-week will be important.
  • Elston is really explosive, but he’s not very tall, gets him out of the middle and puts him out in space and lets him do things he naturally does. What i saw today, just seeing in 7-on-7, we’ll keep him out there, we have 2 old guys in that spot, Muddy will be gone, Muddy has better man skills, but both very explosive.
  • Tomorrow will be the same as today, tomorrow we add in perimeter blocking and once pads are on, add in play-action pass. From tag tempo to thud tempo, really want to stop the ball.
  • Nehemiah Martinez, have guys with high football IQ’s and wants to get on the field. They’ve done a good job, a lot of our receivers, other than Bradley and Sparkman will play inside and out, bring in a good group of tight ends, now one of those guys is standing on the sidelines, and want to have a lot of rotation and play with some speed.

A fight broke out in practice. There were people on the internet that tried to claim the following: 1) this hasn’t happened in recent years; and 2) hopefully McGuire can get a handle on the situation. First, fights assuredly happen every year. Every year. Second, because players fight does not mean that McGuire doesn’t have a handle on the situation.


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