Texas Tech Football Notebook: McGuire Discusses First Preseason Scrimmage

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There was a post-practice media session yesterday and was able to non-transcript last night. And this is being posted a bit later than normal. The internet was out at mi casa so I brought my laptop to work and am posting from there.

Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • Start seeing QB-1 edits and asked about center-1 edit, we’ll do something as far as the starting offensive line. Told the coaches to go into the mock game week with the starting line, Mills and Rogers are the 1’s and a good rotation with the other ones.
  • Cade Briggs and Dennis Wilburn, both are doing well [at center], want to go into Monday and know Tuesday who is starting with the formation. Right tackle was going good, Ty Buchanan should be back for the next scrimmage, Monroe Mills has gotten the reps with the 1’s.
  • Cole Spencer is in the same spot and make that decision in game week. Will tell you going into the Murray State game.
  • Good to see Tyree Wilson out there, at boundary and field end.
  • Whoever goes out there we expect to make it, Wolff made a 48 yarder and Geno made a 54 yarder, and ended red zone with a 38 yard field goal. In the scrimmage Austin had a net of 48.5, which would be 1 or 2 in the country.
  • Best thing about the scrimmage, sometimes last year the offensive line felt like a jailbreak, on Saturday the quarterback could set in the pocket and make plays. In the red zone the defense kicked it up a notch, kind of back and forth, don’t want to see one side dominate. Need to work on protecting the quarterback and angling on tackling, Tahj cut the defense in half. Worked on drills today.
  • Tahj Brooks banged his knee up, will hold him out for this scrimmage, he’ll be ready for Murray State. Besides Cole Spencer, everyone is expected to play against Murray State. Trey Cleveland was back, J.J. Sparkman, first day ____ was in full pads, Tyler King was in a yellow jersey, but he’ll be out tomorrow.
  • We want to play a lot of guys, especially defensively, will see a lot of receivers, tight ends, running backs play. On defense will see 22 guys. Some guys graded out in the scrimmage, you can’t have a brand to compete and not compete each practice and so we are moving guys around and there’s no complacency. The guys are tired, just keeps them motivated.
  • We had good numbers, we need to hit those numbers every 7 to 10 days, had some good numbers and will see good numbers today. Had some guys playing fast. Kosi Eldridge is playing well and fast, moved him back to Will linebacker. Have to have a sense of urgency to line up, feet in the turf, and play fast. Kittley does put a lot of pressure on the defense and have to have disciplined eyes for the defense when playing our offense.
  • Analytics have become more important, seeing more people go for it on 4th down and will be aggressive in those situations. Need to have a call ready, our plan #7 attack the situations, need to do a good job on 4th down. If the offense doesn’t get it, the defense has to be ready to play. Went short yardage on Wednesday, tomorrow, and build it into the scrimmage. The number of people going for it on 4th down and the percentage is going up.
  • Last week in the scrimmage was reps and red zone. Still had all of the situations. Did punt, but no kickoffs. This week will be everything. The mock game is a dress rehearsal is about operations of playing the game.
  • At quarterback everybody gets to run with the 1’s and 2’s, Jaden Moore ran with the 3’s. Will be a little different because it is situational Kittley is doing a great job, Really rotating and all three quarterbacks are getting a set with the 1’s.
  • The jersey #3, will go into game week, told Kobee Minor to not let anyone take his number and he’s working his tail off, he’s working to be that 4th corner. Freshmen who are impressing are Joseph Adedire started opposite of Wilson, Ty Kana plays fast at linebacker. Harvey Dyson had a nice scrimmage. Will see Coy Eakin and Tyler King, Coy is super-freaking intelligent football dude that puts his body in good plays.
  • There is somebody I think is taking it at quarterback, told them we are taking through the 2nd scrimmage. The biggest thing with those 3 is that they are making the throws, who is not going to put us in a bad situation. Really competing about getting in the right play and pulling the ball and not making a negative play.
  • Dimitri Moore will play outside linebacker, Josiah Pierre strained his calf, in June he worked almost completely at outside linebacker. Bryce Ramirez has been really good.

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