Texas Tech Football: McGuire Discusses Two-Deep Timeline and Injury Updates

So many notes.

I did the non-transcript just for head coach Joey McGuire, but there’s also 15 or so minutes of quarterback Tyler Shough speaking that I just didn’t have time to type out. I also have a bit of video from outside linebackers coach CJ Ah You (it is awesome) and receivers coach Emmett Jones. These were posted a day and a half after they actually happened, but there were a couple of interesting items I thought I’d post (so I did).

Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • Pretty close to the 2-deep, will go through and put together a depth chart. Dennis Wilburn would start at center if we played today. Will probably have a 2-deep going into game week. Feel good about how the other 2 quarterbacks responded. You are a snap away and that will keep them motivated and ready to play.
  • It wasn’t that Donovan Smith or Behren Morton did anything bad, but Tyler Shough took to heart and took the job. Spent time getting zoned in with Kittley and put us in good plays. He has a competitive spirit about him, maybe because he’s older, if he’s going to make it to the next level he has to put the time in. You will see all 3 quarterbacks week 1, 2 and 3, told him not to look over his shoulder but they all have packages to help us win games.
  • This was tough because you love these guys and nobody backed down. Tyler and Donovan are both team captains, how they handle this will show who they are.
  • Excited, in a tough week. Harrison [not sure who this is other than Harrison Hanna, director of operations] said that this is the last 20 miles of a long trip. Don’t want to rush anything, where you aren’t covering your bases. These guys are ready to play. Happy the way we ended practice, defense started fast, offense didn’t. Offense has to be ready to go. Do think they are ready to play and see where we’ve come and where we are at.
  • I want to celebrate these guys that have competed and won jobs, that’s why we put up QB1 the other day.
  • Dennis has had a really good camp and great summer, he has an article above his locker of me telling him that someone else will start at center, that’s his driving force. I feel good with the 5 guys, but want to continually challenge these coaches and ask Hamby if we have our best 5. We’re going to look at Cade Briggs at guard. Weston may play center because of really big nose guards, 350 pound nose guards.
  • Starting offensive line: Monroe Mills, Landon Peterson at right guard, Dennis Wilburn at center, Weston Wright at left guard, and Caleb Rogers at left tackle.
  • Kosi Eldridge is starting weakside linebacker. He was playing star, Kosi is a smart guy, Marquis Waters is a really good guy, Kosi said he could get to 230 and he’s at 228, he has a high football IQ, excited about him brings an athletic guy.
  • Keyon Blankenbender, Tyler Owens, and Reggie Pearson, sent him something from an NFL player who played all 3 safety positions, have encouraged those guys, Frye is the same way, it is crating depth, competition, and if someone gets banged up.
  • Gary Gaines was incredible, one of my best friends, Bob Wader, was living in New York, read Friday Night Lights, drove from New York to Texas on his motorcycle to coach Texas high school football, a lot of that drama is true throughout the state that this happens throughout Friday nights Pray for that family and that community.
  • August 31st is where Drew is being given that decision and whether we push Cole Spencer through. Possible he might not play, see if he is ready for week 1. Possibly get a medical redshirt. Always let the experts make that decision, he is such a great teammate and doing rehab every day.
  • I’m a perfectionist, feel we are in a good spot and going in a good direction, always want to be more physical, run to the football and play with effort. Spent a couple of days with Rod Marinelli for the Cowboys in 2019, asked what he was going to install and he said we are going to install effort every single day. I do know we are ready to play.
  • I’ve watched the entrance 1,000 times, hearing the band strike that note, probably get teared up.
  • Nehemiah Martinez will not be out, got rolled up in the scrimmage ,think he will be back on Thursday and Friday. Not sure he would play on Saturday, but nothing bad or worried about.
  • Jordan Brown, high ankle but will be a couple of weeks for him, hate that for him he’s tough and he’ll respond.
  • Tahj Brooks will be back for the first game.
  • Jacoby Jackson, you win up front, if we make a turn as a program it will be up front, he needs the boys up front to be good, Jacoby will play guard, you have to bring it every day if you want to start for this team.

There were a couple of things that I thought were hilarious about the video embedded below and one other interesting note. Outside linebackers coach CJ Ah You was asked how Ty Kana and Jacob Rodriguez were doing (and these questions were back-to-back) and each time he had to state that neither linebacker was in his room because they are inside linebackers and he coaches outside linebackers. After that, there were no specific questions for Ah You about particular players who might play outside linebacker. This was so cringey, or it felt that way for me, because the reporters didn’t know who plays outside linebacker so they could ask questions.

Then receivers coach Emmett Jones was asked about Xavier White, and he said he was doing good, but he also said that they study Keke Coutee, Danny Amendola, Wes Welker, etc. in the receiver room, which is cool. Also said that he talked to his old head coach about Loic Fouonji and how he works so hard and is using his God-given ability. Jones later clarified that it was his old head coach, so I’m not sure if that was Les Miles or Lance Leipold.


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