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The Morning Stake | 2022.09.14



I love Ebbet’s Field Flannels and they sent out an email with a new Texas Tech baseball jersey from 1970 (they also have a flannel hat that’s so good). I’ve never seen that sleeve logo, but I’m here for it and absolutely love it.


If you read anything today, please read this. Texas Tech basketball did an oral history with the players about their memories playing basketball. They did one with the coaches previously and it was great. This is a small part from the players:

Fisher: There is so much energy around the game. It’s art. Once you’re inside those lines, you’re painting the picture. You have the paint brush. No one controls your canvas if you put your mind to it.

Aimaq: The game gave me a chance to be myself and get away from everything for a while. If I was having a rough day, being at the court allowed me to flush everything out and have fun with my friends.

Allen: Everyone in my family played basketball. It was everything for us. We competed against each other and always wanted to win.

Harmon: The game has always meant everything to me. I started playing basketball at 3-years-old and was serious about it from the start. It’s always been fun for me and the goal was always to play in the NBA. I loved competing and having fun with my friends. It’s a beautiful game and is something I’ve enjoyed my whole life.

Isaacs: It brings me so much joy. There’s nothing like it for me.

D’Maurian Williams: At first, I was just playing basketball because it was fun. It quickly became everything for me though. I loved being with my friends at first. Then it was about competing. I was driven to keep getting better. The better I got the more fun I was having.

Walton: It was always my passion growing up. It has defined me and my lifestyle from the beginning. It’s really been everything for me. I love shooting and dribbling. Playing. Competing.

Jennings: The game was always fun for me. It was never not fun. As I got older and better, I started realizing how it could affect my life positively along with being fun. I’d always be outside playing with my friends and older dudes in the neighborhood. It brought the community together.

Washington: It kept me out of trouble and focused. Huge part of my life. It gave me a great feeling when I made big plays.

Tyson: Basketball was always fun. I played football too when I was growing up but basketball was my favorite once I made a full transition. It brought me a lot of joy. I was in a rec center every day from middle school to high school. We would be in there all the time playing. I never wanted to leave. That place was just full of joy. The game has taught me a lot and it all started back there.

Batcho: The game gave me a chance to express myself. I was always tall and people always said I should play.



You guys have been built different. I don’t know when they’re going to break, but they will break.

Dallas Morning News has their Texas poll and the Longhorns are at the top, followed by Baylor (despite both of their losses this past weekend) with Texas Tech 3rd. Polls are so weird because they are made off of expectations rather than results, but that’s sort of the system that’s been decided. We want you to vote who you think is the best team, but the only evidence you have is from last year and two games from this year until later in the season and you have more information. Seems like a weird system, but college football is pretty weird.


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