Morning Stakes: Not A Peep From Practice; Kingsbury Makes A Soldier’s Day

There have been three spring practices and there’s been no media availability of any of the coaches and players . . . and we wonder what to think about that. Plus, head coach Kliff Kingsbury makes a soldier’s day.

Not A Peep From Practice. Anyone else find it odd, or encouraging, or maybe just interesting that Texas Tech is on day number three for spring practices (I think Texas Tech has practiced Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) and the only thing that you’ve heard from the camp are the handful of interviews that David Gibbs, perhaps a week ago, but who knows when those interviews really occurred. Either way, for those of you who wanted to see the coaches and the staff work and not talk, this is a pretty good sign.

This is the first time that I can recall in a really long time that there have been three practices during the spring and there has been zero media availability and zero news about how players are progressing, depth charts, injured players, whatever. I think there’s a large portion of Texas Tech fans have wanted to see the work and not so concerned with the talk.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see some news at some time during the spring, but this team is hunkering down and working and they aren’t that concerned with making huge efforts to be available to the media. Of course, on one hand, this does cheat you a bit because you aren’t getting the news that you would normally get. I suppose the question is if you are willing to sacrifice receiving news in exchange for lots of hard work and no media attention.

Kingsbury Only Knows One Way. This story originated on reddit and was fleshed out by Bleacher Report’s Ben Kercheval, but the gist of the story goes that Brandon Hough, a former Air Force officer, sent a letter to Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury asking if Kingsbury could sign a helmet for Tim Wilhelm, who just finished serving a five month tour in Afghanistan. The email from Brandon was just for the autograph, he was willing to pay for everything, but they asked for an address to send things and the rest is internet love. Sent to Tim was the signed helmet. Tim’s reaction is in a video in the B/R story and totally worth your time.

Miscellaneous.  The USA Today has a Big 12 spring prospectus, the only Texas Tech mention is DT Breiden Fehoko making an impact (it’s a pretty small mention) . . .


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