Does the “System” Matter Any More?

Today is Texas Tech’s pro-day, which means that the few seniors that Texas Tech had will participate, which includes Kenny Williams, Sam Eguavoen, and Bradley Marquez. DMN’s Tommy Magelssen writes that Marquez is hoping to buck the trend of being labeled a “spread” offense receiver and get a look from the NFL. Does the “system” matter any more to the NFL with the prevalent nature of spread offenses in college?

Here’s Marquez talking about his plight?

“At the end of the day, yeah we don’t’ run a pro-style offense, but that’s something you can’t control in college,” Marquez said in a recent phone interview. “We have to do the best that we could do in the system that we’re given.”

Does anyone think that NFL offenses care that much about the type of offense any more other than maybe a quarterback? With spread offenses being so prevelent in college, this seems to be something that’s not as common as in 2008 when this was a big topic as to why Graham Harrell didn’t get drafted. I think there are generally reasons why a player won’t get drafted that doesn’t have anything to do with a system and why a player may or may not get drafted.

So the question is, does the system matter any more?

West Virginia’s Kevin White is the #2 projected receiver and he obviously played in a spread offense. Sammie Coates at Auburn is the #4 projected receiver and he played in a spread offense, same thing for Jaelen Strong at Arizona State and he’s the #5 projected receiver.

Maybe the point here is that we no longer need to point to the “system” when it is convenient, but rather, point ot the player and think introspectively as to why a player may or may not be going to the combine or drafted or whatever. It’s not easy to be critical like that, but that’s the reality. Maybe Marquez is being overlooked for other reasons, perhaps speed or maybe the NFL doesn’t know where he needs to play. Or maybe they’ll just whiff entirely and Marquez will catch on as a free agent and make the team and prove that he does belong.

So, I’m sorta done with saying that there’s a stigma about pass-happy offensive players because that’s only true when you need a crutch to make it true or to justify a reason why you aren’t included with in the combine or NFL draft.

And I admit that I’m one of those guys that’s just in love with what Bradley Marquez represents. A hard worker and talented player. I think he definitely should get a look by some NFL team as I think he would make a terrific slot guy or third receiver.  I’m ridiculously biased though and I fully recognize that, but whatever I think, I don’t think that Marquez won’t get a shot because of the “system”.


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