Texas Tech Commit Jett Duffey Makes Elite 11 Finals

There’s only 18 spots available and Jett Duffey had made the Elite 11. You can literally watch all 5 hours if you want. I have not done this. KAMC’s Andrew Doak did grab some video of Jordan Palmer commenting about Duffey’s performance:

“Jett Duffey stood out all week. You could see it start to happen when he got to 7-on-7, because he jumps out to me as the most coachable kid here,” Palmer said. “There is just something different about Jett Duffey. Coach-ability is not just saying yes sir, and tucking in your shirt and nodding your head when a coach talks to you but honestly it’s about being athletic enough to do what the coach says. In 7-on-7 we talked about just finding completions. Being addicted to completions, and we saw him just go down the field methodically and when he had the opportunity to push the ball down the field vertically, he did.”

Make sure and go check out the video at the link because you can also see Duffey talk with George Whitfield and the television host, discuss his weekend in California. That’s a good 5 minutes of video there.

Oh, and I found this video, it’s from late in March, but you get to hear from Duffey and who he tries to model his game after and what he thinks about himself as a player:

I really don’t know how all of this works, but apparently the players are graded during lots of things, but one of the more important things is the 7-on-7 scenario. 24/7 Sports’ Barton Simmons ranked the top 10 7-on-7 performers and Jett Duffey made #4. Before blockquoting here, I know it’s only 2015, but you guys at 24/7 Sports should know that embedding an auto-play video at the very top of the page is one of the best ways for me to just not link to something. Not that you need anything that I do, but auto-play videos are terrible. Here’s Simmons:

4. Jett Duffey, – Texas Tech commit
After four big name guys started the morning really struggling in the 7on7, Duffey busted things open with a 2nd down rope on a seem route for a touchdown. He proceeded to complete his next four passes including his last pass which was a touchdown on a great throw that showcased anticipation and patience.
Final numbers: 5-6, 2 TDs
Of note: Duffey is one of the lesser name prospects at the event but several of the Elite 11 coaches noted how highly they think of him. He’s a kid that has won the respect of the staff.

According to Simmons, Duffey finished ahead of D’Eriq King (TCU commit), KJ Costello (Stanford Commit), Brandon Peters (Michigan commit), Jacob Eason (Georgia commit), Jalen Hurts (Alabama commit) and Dillon Sterling-Cole (uncommitted).

And, Duffey had a message for you. Yes, you.


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