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The Morning Stake: Preseason Magazines on Texas Tech

The preseason magazines are starting to come out in full force and it sounds as if the message is similar about Texas Tech’s football team.

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Checking in on Bettis. The official site checks in on former Red Raider baseballer Chad Bettis, who is pitching for the Colorado Rockies and is learning how to pitch:

“It’s been a maturity factor, that’s what’s kept me up here I think,” Bettis said. “Learning how to pitch. Getting sent up and down the last couple of years and transitioning from starting to relieving and back to starting has taught me a number of things.”


Dave Campbell’s on Texas Tech. LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot takes a look at what Dave Campbell has to say about the Red Raiders:

But, like most prognosticators across the country, Tepper hates Tech’s defense.

“The defense, though … woof: 125th in the total defense a year ago, 126th in scoring defense, 124th in rushing defense. New defensive coordinator David Gibbs has playmakers on hand in linebacker Pete Robertson — who quietly ranked fifth in the nation in sacks a year ago and safety Keenon Ward,” Tepper wrote. “Simply put, the Red Raiders will go as far as the defense takes them.”

And that is the difference maker when any of these teams have made the leap.

Auburn and TCU both did it by drastically changing their offense. Gary Patterson hired a new offensive coordinator — from Texas Tech no less — in Sonny Cumbie and all of a sudden they were the team to beat, not jut in the conference, but in the nation.

Tech is hoping Gibbs can deliver similar results.

But, if they do they will have to do it as a surprise unit and a surprise team. Dave Campbell’s picks Texas Tech to finish sixth in the Big 12 and only has them as the fifth best team in Texas.

When I wrote this Morning Stake, I didn’t find any of the links interesting enough to have a lede for the football team. I don’t necessarily find Texas Football any more interesting or any other preseason magazine. It’s not that I dislike them either, but we’ve sorta had this entire spring to read the same thing over and over. Offense looks promising, defense needs for the new coordinator to turn things around.

Go look at Athlon Sports and it’s pretty much the same thing on their five questions portion, that there needs to be answers on defense, although Athlon’s picks Texas Tech 8th in the Big 12, only ahead of Iowa State and Kansas. Here’s the final analysis from Athlon’s:

In Year 3 of Kliff Kingsbury’s tenure, two things are very clear: The offense must find some consistency and the defense simply has to be better. The addition of Gibbs should help stabilize the ailing defense, but all bets are off until they hit the field this fall. The big key, however, is at quarterback. The winner of the Mahomes vs. Webb battle must play at a high level for Texas Tech to return to form.

In fact, I hit a lull about a month ago because I personally felt like I had written just about everything above and the last thing I wanted to be is cliched to an extent. So, know this, if you buy a college magazine, the summary is promising offense and defense that needs to step-up.

Miscellaneous. ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon has a mailbag and consers the team the Red Raiders could upset . . . DMN’s Tommy Magelssen projects the offensive two-deep and I don’t think there are any surprises here . . . LAJ’s Don Williams has a short update on the seating and painting at Jones AT&T Stadium with the thought that the seating will be done by July . . . The AP predicted the bowls (yes, in June) and The Land Grant Gauntlet looks at the entire Big 12, including Texas Tech playing a familiar opponent . . .


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