Texas Tech Football Notebook: Checking in on Cody Wheeler and Donta Thompson

We look at a couple of redshirts as well as looking at why Texas Tech cannot play games during finals.

Checking in on Wheeler. LAJ’s Don Williams looks at center Cody Wheeler, is still around 6-4/280 and is looking to put on weight this spring and summer. Offensive line coach Lee Hays says that Wheeler’s a smart player and played a ton of scout team:

“Cody’s very, very smart,” offensive line coach Lee Hays said recently. “Cody knows the offense. He’s played a lot of scout team this year and probably hasn’t gotten as many reps as the other freshmen group, just because at the center spot we’ve got (Jared) Kaster, Tony (Morales) and Rob (Castaneda).”

Checking in on Thompson. RRS’s Aaron Dickens looks at inside receiver Donta Thompson, who the coaches initially had at wide receiver, but moved inside in the middle of the season, currently checks in a 6-5/220 and the coaches Thompson gets to 235 by the time the season starts next year. Here’s wide receivers coach Darrin Chiaverini:

“Well we’ve moved him back inside to Y, try to give us a big body option on the inside there, sort of a smaller version of (Jace) Amaro. But, he’s developing, he’s working hard. We’ve been spending time with he and (Quan Shorts) after practice. They’re both going to have really good offseasons. I see good things from both guys, and they both need to continue to work.”

Sticking Point with Scheduling During Finals. LAJ’s Don Williams writes that Texas Tech was supposed to play TCU this weekend in the initial draft of the Big 12 schedule, but because there is a Texas Tech policy that forbids extracurricular activities during semester exams unless there is written permission from the provost and senior vice president (which is the same person, Lawrence Schovanec). The article is lengthy and explains why Texas Tech doesn’t play during finals and the basketball teams are permitted to practice, not play a game, so long as the the practice doesn’t interfere with a final. Exceptions have been made, numerous times, with sprig sports, but not at this time.

Must Have a Bye. LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot writes that football is too violent not to have a bye week:

The university doesn’t like its athletes competing during finals week.

It wants the focus on academics.

On the surface, it seems like a fair and just policy.

But, it’s not.

It’s a mistake.

Academics are more important than sports, but health is more important than academics. You can’t have a football team play 11 in a row without risking a lot more than a C+ in sociology.

Sure, the policy might work out for Lego building competitions.

But, football is violent.

Recruiting Bits. There are a couple of recruiting bits that I thought I’d throw in here:

  • RRS’s Drew Kohnle writes that 2016 WR commit T.J. Vasher is working with former Red Raider footballer Eric Ward now that his season has ended (I also believe Vasher is playing basketball and playing it quite well).
  • RRS’s Michael DuPont has an update on 2017 QB commit Xavier Martin, who has a bum ankle from last week’s game against Del Rio, but will be prepared to play against Clemens if necessary.

Miscellaneous. Sports On Earth’s Matt Brown previews championship week (I’ll have a game thread for the games on Saturday, just so we can all stay in game thread shape) . . . AAS’s Brian Davis reports that Sonny Cumbie will meet with Charlie strong next week after the Longhorns after next week . . .


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