Three Key Players for the Butler Bulldogs

Who are three key players for the Butler Bulldogs. We take a closer look at Kellen Dunham, Kelan Martin and Roosevelt Jones.

Player: Kellen Dunham
Position: Guard
Height/Weight: (6-6/200)
Year: Senior
Dunham has a usage rate of 23% and is one of the better effective shooters on the team, an eFG rate of 55%. Much like Martin, Dunham is a versatile player, as he shots 20% of his shots at the rim, making 61% and when he shoots three-point shots, he’s almost always assisted, a rate of 84%. Dunham is the leading scorer, averaging 16 points a game and that’s pretty much all he does.

Player: Kelan Martin
Position: Forward
Height/Weight: (6-6/235)
Year: Sophomore
Martin is the guy with the ball in his hands the most, having a usage rate of 29%, which means that he’s putting up a bunch of points while the ball is in his hands. Martin shoots 28% of his shots at the rim making 60%. And if Martin is making his three-point shots, it’s pretty much coming strictly off of an assist (96% of his three-point shots come off of an assist), most likely a wide open shot. Texas Tech will have to get out on Martin. Martin averages 16 points a game and nearly 7 rebounds.

Player: Roosevelt Jones
Position: Forward
Height/Weight: (6-4/225)
Year: Senior
Jones is the guy that’s taking all of his shots at the rim and making a ton of them. Jones takes 60% of his shots at the rim and makes 58%. He’s almost strictly an inside player. The unique thing about Jones is that he has an assist rate of 25%, which is pretty cool for a guy that mainly plays and scores inside. That would seem that Jones is maybe the guy that’s drawing everyone inside and dishing for those open three-point shots. Jones averages 14 points a game and early 5 assists.


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