Chapter XVI: Kingsbury Talks Moore, Jenkins and the Mahomes’ No-Look Passes

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury talks about the maturation of Gary Moore and the play of Malik Jenkins, plus Patrick Mahomes talks about his no-look passes.


Kliff Kingsbury

  • Practices were good. Guys are getting in better shape, practicing faster and finishing faster.
  • Have a situational scrimmage on Saturday, but will be more situation. Thid and long, third and short, goal line. Really slow it down to get good reaps to teach off of in the summer.
  • Focus this week, offensively, working on the pre-snap penalties, as long as Texas Tech is not moving backwards, but the false starts really hurt this team.
  • As to the video that was posted of Mahomes throwing some no-look passes, Kingsbury said that Mahomes was just watching those plays, Aaron Rogers does, that, and Kingsbury and Mahomes both love Rogers. Didn’t hear anything from him, but said he liked it on Twitter. The game is slowing down for Mahomes.

  • There were two plays on Saturday where he threw at the feet of the receivers and Kingsbury said that this was just beautiful, some plays are just dead and that’s what we’ve emphasized. He has such an ability to extend plays and sometimes the defense wins that play.
  • Dylan Cantrell, he’s that deep ball guy. Reginald, Derrick, Ja’Deion and Dylan will be able to push the ball down the field. Cantrell is fired up, it worked out that we had to play him as a freshman and had to use that redshirt year to strengthen his back, but right now, he will be a more complete player when he is back in fall camp.

  • Competition between Reginald Davis and Cantrell, they’re both having great springs. Davis has matured quite a bit maturity, his practice habits and his reps going full speed. That’s picked up for him.
  • Malik Jenkins he’s the most improved player that I’ve seen since he’s been here in his time here. From a defensive end to a stand-up linebacker. Over the bowl practices, he’s picked it up during the spring and been a vital part of that defense. Really looks good at linenbacker
  • Gary Moore, we could play him at receiver. For Moore, it was always about understanding Texas Tech’s system more than anything else. He’s doing the best he’s ever done in school and his development is focused. Just a better maturity level. You see it every year. It’s a sense of urgency for these guys, have a last chance to show how good he is.

  • Robinson has been great, his focus is special teams and it’s been great. Coutee and Batson at punt return. Messing around at kick returner. I think it will be one of those guys, Demarcus Felton, Justin Stockton or Corey Dauphine too.
  • Kingsbury was asked about having more free time as he has his quarterback and it has helped, as it’s helped with the dynamics of the team and helps everywhere. Just trying to stay out of his way. He knows what I want, he’s taken a leadership role. Does free him up to spend more time with others. When he was a freshman and sophomore, it was heavy install with him. As of now, what Kingsbury sees is what Mahomes sees on the field. They can have a quick meeting and he can go play.

Patrick Mahomes

  • Aaron Rogers is my favorte quarterback, try to take what he does and put it in his game. Plays a little bit different and can extend plays and can make throws across his body.
  • Brett Favre was his favorite quarterback growing up, but when they drafted Rogers, Mahomes didn’t like him at first, but he’s grown on him. His girlfriend’s dad is a Packers fan, but Mahomes is a Cowboys fan.
  • Has helped doing football all of the time and get to see looks over and over again and not have baseball. Had his mind at two different things. The no-look was something that they did last year. Nik Shimonek started it and Mahomes followed it and tried to make it his own thing.
  • Talks to the defense a little bit about what he’s looking at, but he’s seen the defense now two years and that has helped him get through his reads.
  • Much more rested, wore down during the spring going back and forth between football, baseball and class.
  • Cantrell shows where he was before he got hurt as he was making those plays. He made two plays in the scrimmage today and he’s a big threat in the red zone. He is a good guy that works hard at everything he does he does it right right way, just glad to see him get back to where he was before the injry.


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