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The Morning Stake: June 14th

Photo via Kimberly Vardeman @ Flickr

Your daily dose of all things Texas Tech athletics, including when and where Texas Tech plays in the College World Series as well as more football notes.

Photo via Kimberly Vardeman @ Flickr


Sunday. Against TCU. 2 pm. Texas Tech will open the College World Series against TCU on Sunday at 2:00 pm in Omaha, Nebraska. Details from the official site here. You can also check out the NCAA interactive bracket where Texas Tech and TCU are paired with Florida and Costal Carolina in the same bracket.


Report: Pinkins Added to Coaching Staff.

Pinkins was previously at LSU, where he was previously at Ole Miss, then Tennessee and then LSU last year. Pinkins previously played at N.C. State. Assistant coaches are leaving in droves at LSU.


A Sleeper Heisman Candidate. CBS Sports’ Ben Kercheval thinks that Patrick Mahomes is a good option for a Heisman pick:

Mahomes checks off the right boxes. He plays a high-profile position in a quarterback-friendly offense. Last year, he accounted for more than 5,100 yards of total offense and 46 touchdowns. Just as importantly, Tech’s schedule sets up Mahomes for a Heisman run at the right time, too. Tech gets Oklahoma at home on Oct. 22 with games at TCU, at Oklahoma State and against Baylor over the next month. Remember: The Heisman isn’t won in September.

Pretty Sure Baylor Was Serious. So yesterday morning, Horns Digest’s Chip Brown released a story stating that Baylor was considering reinstating Art Briles after being suspended for a year and that the Baylor Board of Regents would vote today on reinstating Briles. It seems highly likely that Brown is being used by someone on the BOR to float ideas to gauge public reaction and then the board reacts accordingly. From Brown’s perspective, he’s getting a ton of hits on his site, which is fine and in this instance, I think he’s being fed accurate information. That sounds ridiculous, but it seems like it’s happened quite a bit. In any event, one story from WFAA said that no vote on Briles was planned:

According to a large Baylor donor, high-level boosters are not pushing for Art Briles to be reinstated, but rather for transparency from the Board of Regents and for the opportunity for Briles to defend himself.

The source, very close to the Baylor Board and the University as a whole, has intimate knowledge of a conference being held tonight among board members. The source says no vote on Briles is planned.


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