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The Morning Stake: July 26th

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While our intrepid leader is on his crusade to Make New Mexico Handsome Again™, I’ll be filling in for the Morning Stake as best as possible. 


I WANT YOU TO THROW THE NEXT ONE AT THE MASCOT. In case you missed it, last Saturday was Texas Tech Alumni Night at the Astros game, and Tim Tadlock threw out the first pitch.


Hurly Long brings home a sizable trophy!



HERE’S HOPING.’s Will McKay takes a moment to expound on Justis Nelson’s optimism for the 2016 season. Aside from the usual team chemistry platitudes, there’s some real meat to be found, not only in the usual praise we’ve seen for Rusty Whitt, but also new assistant cornerback coach Karl Scott

“He’s an awesome guy. He absolutely knows what he’s talking about. He’s very technical. He’s very sound, which is what coach (David) Gibbs really loves about him. He’s getting us to where we need to be.”

Click on over and read the article, as there’s even more in there on projecting the starting secondary and where incoming freshman could land

NOT TERRIFYING NOPE NOT AT ALL. The Dallas Morning News ranks the top 10 RB’s in the conference, and Justin Stockton comes in at #10. That means there’s (/brings out abacus) the remaining 9 are on teams we play in the round robin schedule. In related news, you can soon find these in our online store, complete with STP branding,

Also, did you know Barry Sanders replicated his DNA, and said DNA has transferred from Stanford to Oklahoma State? We will all know that very soon.

SPEAKING OF OPPOSING RB’S. As something that shouldn’t be forgotten, Joe Mixon is now being sued for the same incident in which he close-fist punched a female University of Oklahoma student and faced criminal charges



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