VIDEO: Kingsbury Discusses State of Team Before Preseason

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury talks about the state of his team before preseason practice starts with Robert Giovannetti. Kingsbury continues to have that weird confidence in his team and stresses how he’s thinking this is going to be a good team. He mentioned again how he’s had the best time this spring in regards to coaching and a lot of the players are growing up from boys to men (Everybody sing it with me, “Although we’ve come; To the end of the road; Still I can’t let go; It’s unnatural; You belong to me; I belong to you.”)

And it seems that much of his confidence is a result of the hiring of Rusty Whitt. Accountability is something that Kingsbury says a lot and he means it. I also think it’s significant that Kingsbury and Whitt are doing the carry the ruck project together. Kingsbury hasn’t lent his name to much of anything, and he’s doing this with Whitt. I think that says something about their relationship.

Kingsbury is also pretty adamant about how you have to do things his way. That’s it. I like that.


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