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The Morning Stake: September 20th

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original-double-t Texas Tech secured their second commitment in three days, as Jordan Brangers (6’2″). I take a lot of pride in trying to figure out who players are and finding a little bit about them, but Brangers is a tough nut to crack because I can’t find anything about him. He’s from Kentucky and played for Motlow State, a junior college at some point and then just transferred to South Plains College. Chris Level said that he would have 3 years to play after this year so he’ll be part of the 2017 class (I guess).

original-double-t Show’em the highlights.

original-double-t Free throw technique brought to you by Aaron Ross, B.E.E.F.


original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams writes that the whole idea of maybe expecting a stop or two and then letting the offense do it’s thing may want to re-think their position. I think most of us here have already adjusted our thoughts on this. Here’s Williams:

Don’t misundertand. This isn’t to suggest the defense played well. Or even pretty good. Three stats say otherwise: La Tech racked up 572 yards, 45 points and touchdowns on five of its last six possessions. Whereas the run defense was the culprit the week before at Arizona State, the pass defense scared everybody this time. Bulldogs quarterback Ryan Higgins threw touchdown passes of 54, 76 and 37 yards in the game’s last 20 minutes — to receivers as open as Uncle Charlie’s belt buckle at Thanksgiving, against a secondary missing two starters injured earlier in the night.

The final tally for La Tech came to this: 11 possessions, five not ending in a touchdown.

So, next time you call for “a few stops,” remember: A few stops leaves a lot of room for ugly.

original-double-t This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

original-double-t Getting in work.

original-double-tDT’s Allison Ling talked with Demarcus Felton about his progress as a running back and how he’s good friends with Justin Stockton:

“It was very good. It was an experience that I had to get used to because coming from high school you don’t really have a roommate, you’re living at home,” Felton said. “So you come to college, and you’re on your own. We just got close and everything. We’ve just been good friends since.”

Felton said the two do normal things in their free time, from playing video games to hanging out and taking a breather from the game.

“We play video games, we always play ‘Madden.’ It’s a competition there, but other than that we really just chill, watch TV,” Felton said, “watch football games and that’s about it.”

original-double-tDT’s Jack Densmore talks to IR Cameron Batson about growing up playing football and earning that scholarship in high school:

He said a great accomplishment was having an athletic scholarship to help his family financially.

“I have a lot of good things that God has blessed me with. I guess one that I’m most proud of is probably being a valedictorian at my high school and winning the Oklahoma Gatorade Player of the Game of the Year. So, those are my two biggest accomplishments,” Batson said. “Of course, making it to college, and keeping my parents from paying for college, because we don’t have a lot of money. So, not having them pay for college is something that’s big.”

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross has LGG’s top five plays from Saturday and you might recognize two of them . . . our pay, David Ubben with Sports Spotlight has his Big 12 notes and his merit based power rankings, which I totally get . . .


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