Practice Report: Injury Updates for Ward, Steele and Polite-Bray

Recapping the media availability from yesterday’s practice.

original-double-t Head coach Kliff Kingsbury was made available after yesterday’s practice and here’s the non-transcript:

Kliff Kingsbury: Just the let down at the end of the first half and at the end of the game, I think everyone is feeling better about it, should have scored there at the end of the first half . . . Desmon Smith and Douglas Coleman have gotten better, playing with their instincts more, hopefully that continues in conference . . . Keenon Ward is probably out a minimum of two weeks . . . I believe the forearm area . . . Terence Steele is day to day . . . D.J. Polite-Bray should be ready to go . . . I should have called a run play, I just got antsy and we would have scored, that’s on me . . . Cameron Batson has been very solid, ball hasn’t come his way as much as he would like, didn’t do great in blocking in the punt return phase . . . offensively, overcoming penalties, defensively we need to create turnovers and finish halves . . . I’m not sure, give those teams credit to not turn it over, usually they come in bunches, so hopefully we get some . . . I thought Baylen Brown was steady, Justin Murphy out to tackle was solid, Tony Morales played well, those three guys played well . . . receivers played much better, they put an emphasis and it and that’s when you get really good . . . we’ll see, we’re going to give him the ball as many as it takes, I think between Justin Stockton him and Quinton white, that’s a good trio of guys who bring something to the offense . . . Devin isn’t in the doghouse, just hast to play more consistently, he’s going to play a majjor role on this team, just not the other night . . . Tony Morales really not a guy that’s played a ton, his snaps were better and that’s progress . . . (asked about if Payton Hendrix will get time and says yes, but also) Kevin Moore is going to play some, Kisean Allen, Christian Taylor . . . Taylor is playing hybrid now, he’ll be ready to play both . . .

original-double-t LAJ’s Don Williams has his notebook from yesterday’s press conference where he recaps the availability of Kingsbury and also talked to Jonathan Giles about the 36 yard touchdown as well as the slant pattern:

“He does it all the time in practice,” Giles said of Mahomes. “Anytime he scrambles, he makes it harder than what it really is. It’s exciting and he makes it look so easy, so it’s fun. I watched that play over and over again.”

Giles’ first TD came on a slant pattern that he turned into a 64-yard score. He said that was a run-pass option on which Mahomes read an outside linebacker.

“If the linebacker would’ve come up,” Giles said, “he probably would’ve handed it off. But the linebacker stayed, so I just found a little open spot behind them and he threw it right on the spot.”

original-double-t RRS’s Will McKay recaps the press conference as well, so make sure and check that out.


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