Playcall Rewind: Kansas State

This week, we are looking at Tech’s first touchdown of the game against the Wildcats on the first possession of the game. Sorry, I previously owned the Samsung Note 7 and had to return the phone, you know, because they were constantly blowing up, so there won’t be a gif this week. It’s the first play of this video, though.


This was from what Tech could consider their Jumbo or short yardage package. They had an extra offensive lineman in, #90, two running backs, and only two wide receivers.


The two outside receivers are Cantrell and Willies, so you would like the prospect of throwing the ball to either of them in this formation. Even with the extra offensive lineman and the two running backs, I wouldn’t be a fan of handing the ball off to a running back and having them plow ahead through the line because that just isn’t what this offense is (especially with the defense lining up with 5 defensive linemen and 4 linebackers/safeties right behind them).


Luckily, this was a pass play (of course it was). Mahomes had the two outside receivers, plus Quinton White (who was in motion before the snap) as options. First, the offense fakes the handoff to Felton, who is immediately wrapped up BEHIND the line of scrimmage.


As the receivers are working against their defenders, space just isn’t opening up. Willies doesn’t get any space on the corner, White’s defender is RIGHT ON TOP of him, and Cantrell is coming across the middle of the field and would technically be considered an open receiver had Mahomes not been rolling to his left and the throw would have to be made across his body and over a free defender. Mahomes keys in on the defenders not paying enough attention to him running, especially the defender closest to him who is covering White, and Mahomes decides to keep the ball and waltzes into the end zone.



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