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The Morning Stake: October 19th

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original-double-t Here is a Big 12 preview from College Basketball Talk and there is no mention of Texas Tech anywhere other than the prediction that they will finish 7th overall. Still don’t get the idea that they’ll finish 7th overall, but here we are.


original-double-t I find this short little video interesting in that there’s this admission of sorts with the quote, “We need to demand more of each other–demand more of the man next to you.”

original-double-t Lots of reaction from the Big 12’s decision not to expand.

  • SI’s Pete Thamel writes about the process in general and where the Big 12 goes from here and the interesting thing here is that Thamel seems to indicate that Oklahoma isn’t as wanted as Boren seems to think, stating that the SEC won’t take OU with Oklahoma State and the Big Ten wouldn’t take either one of them. Texas is really still the team in the driver’s seat.
  • Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel writes that the one thing that the Big 12 must do to survie (and this is something that never ocurred to me) is to lobby as hard as you can for a 6 or 8 team playoff. That solves everything (well not everything, but a lot of things).
  • Via Dr. Saturday’s Nick Bromberg with quotes from Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard who is spitting hot fire in regards to the current state of the Big 12, including the fact that without UT and OU, the Big 12 is essentially the Mountain West. Of all things, I think Pollard is speaking quite honestly and it’s refreshing.
  • Land Grant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross isn’t all doom and gloom in regards to the Big 12’s future, including the fact that the Big 12 still holds their third tier media rights might be a really good thing.
  • ESPN’s Brett McMurphy got his hands on the Big 12 internal memo about what everyone is supposed to talk about, although Pollard didn’t get the memo.
  • LAJ’s Don Williams spoke with Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec about what’s next:

    “Tech is seen as a very good brand,” he said, “and I hear this in lots of different ways, not just from our alumni but from other people with whom I communicate: We have a lot going for us, and we’re going to be just fine. I can tell you that Kirby and I are very aware of the importance of that and we’re going to make sure that we’re positioned to be in a good place.”


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