Let’s Talk About Stats: Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. TCU Horned Frogs

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A statistical look at the Red Raiders and Horned Frogs.

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Traditional Stats

traditional-stats-tcuThe TCU offense isn’t as great as it was in previous years. Solid is the best way to describe it. Not spectacular. Both teams are better than average at passing the ball, while TCU is a significantly better running team. Somewhat interesting to see how TCU is also a team that has a -4 turnover margin and they have turned the ball over more, but they also haven’t taken the ball away as much as they previously had.

The lack of turnovers for Texas Tech has been a significant issue, at least in comparison to last year, where Texas Tech was giving up yards, but gaining turnovers and that hasn’t happened.

Texas Tech’s third down conversion actually increased significantly after last week’s performance and to think that Mahomes and the receivers are near 60% after 7 games is ridiculous.

The TCU defense is significantly better than Texas Tech’s defense, but they aren’t quite up to par with what they’ve previously been. The yards per passing attempt is pretty significant for TCU and I’m surprised it’s nearly as high as Texas Tech. The yards per rushing play and the conversion percentages are all pretty standard.

Advanced Stats

advanced-stats-tcuThe advanced stats aren’t helping in the defensive category, but let’s start with the offense. This somewhat confirms what I thought above, which is that Texas Tech is an elite offensive team, while TCU is good to quite-good. The Horned Frogs are top third in just about every category. They’re very competent and that’s all you really need to go up against the Texas Tech defense.

I think Gary Patterson has claimed that the TCU defense isn’t playing well, or something like that, and I would kill for those sorts of numbers that TCU has. These probably aren’t great numbers for TCU and I understand that, but they’re worse on defense than they are on offense and that’s probably driving Patterson crazy. I really don’t know how or why TCU isn’t living up to expectations. They don’t have big injuries this year and they have some good talent.

And the defensive stats for Texas Tech really took a plunge after last week’s game against Oklahoma. There’s just so many stats that have Texas Tech ranked in the 120’s or thereabouts. I really wish I could point to some improvement in some category, but it’s just not there. /sad face/


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