Five Post Game Thoughts: Texas 45, Texas Tech 37

It’s a tough thing.

I mean.

  1. When the offense stalled in the second and third quarter and into the fourth quarter and you could see the writing on the wall. I think that Kingsbury scripts the first 25 or 30 plays, and they are creative and beautiful works of art and then the offense sorta stagnates. And the offense never recovered really after the first quarter. I know that we like to be tough on Mahomes, but at what point does Kingsbury deserve some blame for how the offense just falls off?
  2. It appears that the playbook to defend Patrick Mahomes is out there and Kingsbury and Mahomes haven’t quite figured out how to combat it. Texas rushed 3, sometimes 4, pretty much the entire game. I know that the great debate among STP fans is that Mahomes ducks and runs too much, but it seems like he’s running for his life at times too. To be honest, it’s a mix of both things, there is no perfect player, Mahomes included.
  3. The Texas Tech defense gave up over 650 yards. Let that sink in for a second. Of that, over 400 of those yards were rushing. That’s borderline ridiculous and embarrassing. I have no idea what happens at defensive coordinator next year, but this is too much. it seems that Texas Tech is playing a ton of freshmen at times, but the results continue to be the same. Lots of points and lots of yards. Lots of them.
  4. These teams just kept giving each other opportunities after opportunities to win/lose the game. it seemed like a battle of bad luck and inopportune ball bounces time after time. UT’s decision to go for it on 4th and 1 with about 2 minutes left was baffling, why not punt the ball and force Texas Tech to go the entire distance. In some respects, you can understand how Texas maybe didn’t have a lot to gain.
  5. The final offensive play for Texas Tech was defeating as hell. I got nothing other than it sucks and getting to a bowl game will be tough. I’m exhausted.

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