Red Raider Recap: Texas Tech 70, North Texas 43

Recapping Texas Tech’s second win of the season.

Texas Tech 70, North Texas 43

  • This seemed liked one of those games that was never really in question and as long as Texas Tech played up to their standard, then Texas Tech was going to handle UNT and that’s exactly what happened.
  • The offense is certainly more free-flowing in comparison to last year, but it’s still a bit mechanical in spots. Niem Stevenson still seems hesitant at times and I think that’s probably a bit true of everyone in that they’re still working out the kinks to the offense and how to operate the offense to the fullest extent.
  • There was really no one player that dominated and this was truly a team effort. There were only two players in double-figures, Zach Smith had 11 points and Aaron Ross scored 13.
  • Smith was the player of the game, scoring 11 points on 5 of 8 from the floor and he also grabbed 11 rebounds with only 1 personal foul, 1 block and 2 steals. Smith would have had a few more points if he could make his free throws as he made only 1 of 5.
  • Speaking of free throws, this was by far the weakest part of Texas Tech’s game in that it simply wasn’t very good, making only 8 of 16. Against better opponents that’s going to be an issue and considering how well this team shoots, that really needs to be better.
  • Texas Tech only allowed UNT to shoot 31% from the field and 17% from the three-point line. I think continually having guys who are always fresh and ready to play defense really wears teams down line UNT.
  • Really terrific in that the offense only had 7 turnovers and 15 assists and that’s the way that the offense has to be played. I love seeing the team have so few turnovers.
  • Keenan Evans was maybe forcing it a bit, shooting 1 of 8 and I think he took too many contested shots. Let the game come to him. Despite that, he also grabbed 4 rebounds, had 3 assists and just 1 turnover.
  • Other notable games, I loved Justin Gray’s game, scoring 8 points, grabbed 8 rebounds, 2 blocks and 2 steals. Niem Stevenson had 7 points, grabbed 3 rebounds and had a steal. Ross’s 13 points come on 5 of 8 from the floor and included 3 of 5 from the three-point line.


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