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You all voted and now you have the opportunity to buy your very own Staking The Plains t-shirt. It’s an American Apparel t-shirt and you can buy it in black, grey/gray (there actually are two types of greys/grays) or white with the red wordmark.  I think the way that this works is that I set the goal for 50 t-shirts and if we sell that many, then everybody gets their t-shirts, we make some money and we go on our way. We’re donating 20% of whatever we make to a local charity, most likely the Red Raider Club for the first go-round and then I’m dividing the rest up between the writers for Staking The Plains.

Click on the photo to take you to Teespring to purchase your very own Staking The Plains t-shirt. Oh, and while you’re at it, our good friend Travis finished his book, Dream No Little Dreams, and you can buy it on Amazon and we’d love for you to share it on Facebook too (because you love Travis).


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