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The Morning Stake: January 4th

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I’ve only read bits and pieces of this, but this is from The Bitter Southerner and they write one great story each week. Anyway, this week, they’re writing about this impossible race in Tennessee, The Barkley Marathons. Quite literally, the story is about this guy that tried to make the most impossible race ever. Even if you just go for the pictures, they’re pretty great. The race bib says “Barkley Marathons — Where Dreams Go To Die” and there’s also a picture of a cake that says “Good luck morons”.

Lady Raider Basketball


Baby girl don’t want no part of this picture. And Pat’s little brother isn’t so little. Pat Sr. is next to Pat II’s girlfriend (am guessing) and on the other side of Pat Sr. is LaTroy Hawkins, Pat II’s godfather for all intents and purposes.

And we probably know who Patrick Mahomes is endorsing.

And I’m way too optimistic, but I think Nic’s got this.

You can watch the entire press conference here where Patrick Mahomes declared for the 2017 NFL Draft:

LAJ’s Don Williams has the story on QB Patrick Mahomes declaring for the 2017 NFL Draft and has quotes from Pat Mahomes Sr. on his role in Pat II’s decision:

“That’s not true at all,” Mahomes said. “I told him it was his decision. I told him this was the one time in his life that he can be selfish. I’ve been to every game. No matter whether he came back here or went pro, it was going to be the same.

“I told him I didn’t care one way or the other. ‘You’ve got to do what’s best for you.’ I said, ‘I’ve already had my career in professional sports. It’s whenever you think you’re ready. You’re going to be the one that has to look back on it and have any regrets or not. You’ve just got to make an educated decision, and whatever you choose, I’m behind you 100 percent.’”

LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot editorializes that this was the right decision for Mahomes:

“I pretty much just want to get picked on the right team,” Mahomes said. “… It happens. You can get picked late in the draft. You can get picked early. If you get put in the right situation to learn, you get to get better every single day. That’s what I like to do.”

Who would’ve guessed, back in Mahomes’ Whitehouse days, that such an approach would put him in this enviable spot?

“If you had asked anyone when I was a sophomore in high school if I would’ve even been in college playing football, they would’ve said never,” Mahomes said. “It’s something that’s just kind of unfolded. … I’ve got a late start compared to a lot of other people, especially quarterbacks that have gone to camps their whole life. I’ve never really had quarterback training until I got here with coach (Kliff) Kingsbury. He’s taken me from a really raw, raw talent to where I am today.”

Miscellaneous . . . former Texas Tech footballer Taylor Symmank has been signed to a futures contract with the Minnesota Vikings . . . Heartland Sports writes that Mahomes had no choice but to turn to the NFL . . .


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