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The Morning Stake: April 6th

Texas Tech Golf

Wanna know how out of touch I am with golf? I had no idea who Cameron McCormick is and if you don’t know either, he is a former Red Raider golfer, originally from Australia, but now living in Dallas. The Big 12 did a short video on McCormick that was neat and I also didn’t know, via the DMN, that McCormick was also the longtime coach of Jordan Spieth at Brook Hollow and will be the pro at the new Trinity Forest Golf Club.

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Texas Tech Tennis

Texas Tech Softball

Texas Tech Track and Field

Texas Tech Baseball

Baseball America is projecting the field of 64 and they do have Texas Tech as a regional host with New Mexico, Washington and New Mexico State.

Texas Tech Football

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LAJ’s Don Williams talked to ESPN NFL analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. about what makes Patrick Mahomes special:

“I think it’s exactly that, when people go back and watch him,” Kiper said. “I know Jon Gruden is very high on Patrick Mahomes. You think about the arm talent, it’s rare to see a kid that can spin it and the explosiveness in those throws. They just jump out of his hand. He makes up so much ground because he looks like he’s throwing to a crowded area, and the ball, that 98 mile-an-hour fastball, gets there in a blink.

“And he sees. He has great vision down the field for that third, fourth and fifth option. His eyes, he sees things. Bobby Knight used to talk about seeing things, seeing the court. He sees the field, and he’s mobile. That’s why he’s moved up.”

RRS’s Drew Kohnle has a football recruiting notebook that includes a recap of the Frisco event from a recruiting standpoint. There’s lots of detail there.

-Coach/player interaction. This wasn’t just a “meet and greet” type of event or anything, but a full-blown spring game/practice event. Every recruit in attendance saw the “Tech scheme” on display on offense and defense and saw how the coaches operated during game-like settings. Each recruit also got to observe the team chemistry and how the players interacted with each other. Giving an opportunity for hundreds of recruits to see you in action was a huge opportunity.

Additionally, there are two players that are looking at Texas Tech as far as transfers. I knew about Aaron Cochran, the California tackle that will be visiting Texas Tech this weekend, but I didn’t know about Derrick Mitchell, Jr. (6-1/220), the Iowa running back that rushed for about 162 yards in 2015 and 12 yards in 2016, so he was definitely not highly used.

Miscellaneous . . .

  • Via Awful Announcing, Amazon will air Thursday night games. I don’t know where sports is headed (this is a generic statement) but it seems that sports broadcasting rights certainly has to consider networks like Amazon in the figure for future broadcasting rights.

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