Texas Tech Football’s New Walk-On’s Ranked

Texas Tech has added a handful of freshmen walk-ons to the current summer roster and I’ve reviewed the film and here they are ranked. Don’t @ me (just kidding, you can totally @ me, we’re cool). And there will be additional walk-on’s that will arrive this summer, but these are new and on the roster now.

1. WR Jake Levrier 5-8/185 Houston/Bellaire:

Levrier was an all-purpose back at Bellaire, but he was more of a running back than a receiver in 2015. As a junior, Levrier ran for 1,474 yards to go along with 20 touchdowns, 21 receptions and 582 yards and 9 touchdowns. As a senior, Levrier was injured and didn’t play all that much, but he’s got a decent size and he says he runs a 4.49 40-yard dash. That’s fast for an inside receiver.

2. FB Henry Howard 6-0/210 San Angelo/Central:

Howard is the younger brother of Eli Howard. Henry played outside linebacker for the most part and played it very well. Howard was honorable mention all-state, getting 70 tackles, 5.5 sacks and 9 tackles for loss as well as 3 fumbles. It’s interesting that they have Howard at fullback as I don’t know that Howard played fullback in high school, but Howard is a good athlete. I like this quite a bit to be honest.

3. DL Zachery Semrak 6-2/270 Southlake/Carroll:

Semrak had 65 tackles, 2 sacks and 6 tackles for a loss as a senior at Southlake, where he was honorable mention. Despite being a bit undersized Semrak played at 250 his senior year and at 6’3″, that’s decent height and he’s got some really good film. He’s a tough kid and he’s got a high motor and those are good qualities to have.

4. WR Brandt Schilling 5-9/175 Idalou/Idalou:

Schilling ran for 3,178 yards a senior and that’s a lot, averaging 227 yards a game and nearly 11 yards a carry and go ahead and throw in 43 touchdowns to boot. Schilling is slippery and pretty danged fast considering all things. His highlights really are unreal.

5. OL John Gerold 6-4/285 Houston/Colorado School of the Mines:

Gerold was primarily a defensive tackle in high school, but he really lacked the requisite athleticism to play defensive tackle at the college level. That’s not to say that he was bad, but I don’t think there’s quick-twitch that I can see, but he does exhibit some pretty good upper strength.

6. FB Trai Armstrong 5-10/235 Cibolo/Steele:

Armstrong I think was going to go to UTSA, but now he’s here at Texas Tech. I also think that Trai si the younger brother of Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong. Trai was more of a receiver than a running back, catching 14 passes for 96 yards as a senior and 13 passes for 162 yards and 2 touchdowns as junior. I think he’s got the h-back covered. He blocks well and he looks smooth catching the ball.

7. OL Peyton Steele 6-2/290 Buda/Hays:

Steele is all center, a bit smaller in size, but I’ve always thought that good centers are a bit shorter and need to be able to move well in a small space. There’s a lot to work on in terms of getting his arms out and technique, but this is a pretty good walk-on center. I’ll take this.

8. LB JaMarcus Washington 6-2/215 Houston/Bellaire:

I can’t find out very much about Washington other than he played some outside linebacker and he ran track, the 110 hurdles. Washington is a decent athlete and he obviously has good size, he plays that rush linebacker spot for Bellaire, but just didn’t make a ton of plays.

9. DB Trey Gentry 5-11/175 San Antonio/Warren:

Gentry has good measurables, or at least his Hudl page said that he was 6’0″ and 180 and ran a 4.6. On some level, those stats are probably relatively accurate. I couldn’t find a lot of highlights on Gentry other than kickoff stuff.


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