The Recruiting Strength of the 2017 Basketball Class

How good (potentially) does the 2017 class stack up with the rest of Texas Tech’s prior recruiting classes?

I had previously mentioned that I had thought that the 2017 recruiting class may be the best ever. I should have clarified my thought in that I thought this current class was objectively the highest recruiting class since recruiting classes had been ranked. Obviously, these classes don’t go back far enough, especially to the best class I remember, which is Tony Battie, Cory Carr, and Jason Hamm. There are probably others, but when that class includes the eventual 5th pick of the NBA draft, that’s probably your best class.

But in Chris Beard’s second year, he’s already put the best class together for the past 15 years. And these recruiting rankings come via 24/7 Sports, which only goes back to 2003 and these obviously aren’t 100% accurate, but I think this is at least reasonably accurate. I don’t think anyone is left off, perhaps added, but not left off.

Year Grade Signees
2017 0.8897 Josh Webster, Hyron Edwards, Zhaire Smith, Daniel Mading,
Jarrett Culver, Malik Ondigo, Davide Moretti
2016 0.7700 Shadell Millinghaus, Niem Stevenson
2015 0.8530 Shawntrez Davis, Devon Thomas, C.J. Williamson, Jordan Jackson
2014 0.8198 Isaiah Manderson, Devaugntah Wiliams, Justin Jamison, Keenan Evans,
Justin Gray, Norense Odiase, Zach Smith
2013 0.7312 Alex Foster, Robert Turner, Randy Onwuasor
2012 0.7852 Aaron Ross, Dusty Hannahs, Josh Gray
2011 0.7831 Toddrick Gotcher, Luke Adams, Clark Lammert, Terran Petteway,
Jordan Tolbert, Kevin Wagner, Ty Nurse, Hershey Robinson, Jaron Nash,
Daouda Soumaoro, Kader Tapsoba, DeShon Minnis
2010 0.8622 Jamel Outler, Javarez Willis, Paul Cooper
2009 0.8405 Jaye Crockett, Mike Davis, Theron Jenkins, Brad Reese,
David Tairu
2008 0.8198 Corbin Ray, Tyree Graham, Darko Cohadarevic, Robert Lewandowski,
Nick Okorie
2007 0.8282 D’Waylyn Roberts, John Roberson, Mike Singletary, Ricardo DeBem
2006 0.7907 Charlie Burgess, Jay Mitchell, Decensae White, Benny Valentine,
Esmir Rizvic, Rogdrick Craig,
2005 0.8442 Terry Martin, Jr., Dior Lowhorn, Dazzmond Thorton, Justin Wilkerson,
Jeremy Buttell, Michael Prince, John Plefka, Alan Voskuil
2004 0.7667 Phil Harbaugh
2003 0.8431 Rashaun Bryant, Michael Milton, Curtis Marshall, Joseph Works,
Mike Travis, DeVonne Giles, Darryl Dora, Drew Coffman

The best classes to date are the 2017 class, the 2010 class (which was way overrated) the 2015 class, the 2005 class and the 2009 class. The interesting thing is that as you look back, you have to know that not all of these guys pan out. Some are busts and some are good, but you need more good players than bad players most of the time. With Moretti being rated a 4-star, this only vaulted the class even higher.

I’m also somewhat surprised about the size of some of these classes, the 2011 class was huge as was the 2005 class and 2003. That’s when the Knight’s were running through a handful of players, especially Bobby, and he utilized the JUCO ranks more than he ever did at Indiana. And he utilized it quite well.

Potentially, the 2017 class has a chance to be incredibly special.


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