WATCH: What motivates Nic Shimonek?

Fifth year senior quarterback isn’t worried about stats, he’s more concerned about winning football games. ¬†Here’s a non-transcript:

I don’t want to throw for more yards than King, B.J. or Cumbie or any of those guys, I could care less about that. I just want to win. At the end of the day what it boils down to is not beating those guys individual statistics, but more so just trying to win football games on Saturdays.

Probably, I’m not like most quarterbacks. I’m very fiery, I feel like I’ve been told I’ve got a linebacker’s mentality playing the quarterback position.

I’ll never back down from anybody, first and foremost.

The fact that I am a 5th year, I have been here a while, I like to soak in a lot of knowledge, I ask a ton of questions and that’s helped me throughout the year.

As far as pressure goes, I feel like if you’re prepared it is in God’s hands, if you’re prepared, which I will be, what’s going to happen is going to happen.


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