Preseason Position Battles: Right Safety

We take a look at some position battles that will take place this preseason, starting with the right safety position.

The Options:

  • Kisean Allen (5-11/180): Allen started what seemed like most of the year at right safety (he actually started 9 of 11 games) and not getting to see a ton of right safety because of camera angles, but you have to presume that there are problems here considering the rank of the pass defense. Still though, Williams ended 6th on the team with 43 tackles and that’s the problem. No the tackles, but the fact that this is all that Allen did. No pass break-ups, no interceptions, no tackles for loss, no forced fumbles. No big plays and that probably precipitated . . .
  • Vaughnte Dorsey (5-11/205): The recruitment of Dorsey, a somewhat unknown on my end. I had no idea Dorsey was even on the radar and then he committed. Dorsey had 44 tackles in just 9 games (I don’t know why he played 9 games, but the team played 11 total), which also included a sack, 2 tackles for a loss, an interception, and 5 pass break-ups. That’s not exactly a huge improvement, but it’s something.
  • Justus Parker (6-0/210): This is the wildcard and we really shouldn’t be betting on a walk-on defender to be a huge part of the team, but here we are. Parker is a transfer from Texas Lutheran and as a freshman, he had 48 tackles, 4 tackles for a loss, a sack, 2 interceptions, and 6 pass break-ups. That’s not bad for a true freshman, even if it is for TLI. Here we are, Parker made enough big hits for him to work his way into the back-up nickleback spot and at left safety and I’d guess that if he keeps making plays, he’ll get a shot.

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