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 SI’s Andy Staples has a mailbag and and one of the questions is about head coach Kliff Kingsbury and his hot seat:

From Jonathan: How many more seasons will Kliff Kingsbury be the head coach of Texas Tech?

If the Red Raiders don’t improve on defense, the answer is one. No one in Lubbock wants to fire Kingsbury. He’s an alum and a truly likable coach who probably gets the school more national attention than the average coach would, but Texas Tech keeps getting worse on defense. That drags down an offense that has been quite successful.

In Kingsbury’s four seasons, the Red Raiders have finished 50th, 106th, 122nd and 126th in yards per play allowed. David Gibbs is in his third season as the defensive coordinator. His scheme is supposed to make up for yards allowed with game-changing turnovers, but the Red Raiders ranked 112th in the nation with 13 turnovers forced last year. If that stat doesn’t improve, Kingsbury could be someone’s offensive coordinator this time next year.

 Lubbock Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams has a roster snapshot on offensive lineman Terence Steele:

For winter conditioning competitions, defensive tackle Broderick Washington, acting as one of the captains, said he used his second draft choice on Steele.

“I wanted to balance my team with speed guys and guys that are pretty strong,” Washington said. “Terence is probably the strongest guy in the weight room. It’s pretty weird. It doesn’t look like he would be that strong in his arms, but he’s got a strong bench.”

 RedRaiderSports’ Drew Kohnle recaps the past week in recruiting and also looks ahead in terms of recruiting, including being all in on Devin Brumfield and visiting Sterling Galban. Here’s a it on the numbers for remaining scholarships:

Handling the numbers game. Tech has four OL commits, one LB commit, and one DB commit. At linebacker, the original plan was to take one LB, but will the coaches re-evaluate and consider adding a thumper in the middle to compliment the rangy Benson? Due to the sheer number of DBs taken in the last two classes, the Tech coaches seem to be going light at the position this year allotting only two slots for the secondary. Mekhi Garner is already in the fold and Tech seems to be the favorite for Hasaan Hypolite. Do they look to add a third option if one presents itself this upcoming season? The same can be said for the offensive line with four commits. Are they still in the market for a fifth OL or are they only saving a slot for a can’t miss option? Pay close attention to how Tech handles the “numbers” at these positions.

 The Comeback’s Kevin Causey has risers and fallers in the Big 12 and as you might imagine one of the fallers:

Kingsbury was supposed to be the answer for the Red Raiders but after four seasons, we are left with more questions than answers. In his fourth season as head coach, Texas Tech went 5-7 overall and just 3-6 in the conference. Kingsbury has not been able to figure out the defensive side of the game and David Gibbs returns as DC after having the worst defensive in the conference in 2016. The honeymoon is over for Kingsbury and he must deliver better results this year.


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