Sneak Peek of STP’s Previews

What to expect from your friendly neighborhood blogger.

I’ve been very hard at work in the blogging laboratory this summer and I wanted to share with you some screenshots of what I hope to roll out this fall as we preview our beloved Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Depth Chart and Roster

I haven’t had time to update the new numbers and this depth chart is based on the post-spring, but this should be posted each week before the game as well as a numerical depth chart (which I haven’t done just yet).

Uniform Tracker

I typically did a  uniform tracker by just doing a table and this summer I figured out out to do this.

Are these predictions for the uniforms? Of course not, they’re just placeholders. Are these exact replicas of Texas Tech’s uniforms? Of course not, it’s the best I could do. It’s an approximate approximation that I thought would give the uniform tracker a bit of a different look. There will also be another column for the score.

Stats Preview

I haven’t figured if this will be a stand alone post or part of the seven points preview and this preview against Eastern Washington is tough because there are not advanced stats, hence the shoulder shrug.

You’re also going to get the same great content from the staff at Staking The Plains, plus some I think. I’m looking forward to the fall and football games and continually trying to improve the product each and every year. This stuff is hellu time-consuming sometimes, but I can’t think of another way to spend my time (other than with my family, which I do spend time with them, but I do all this stuff at 3:30 in the morning).


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