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The Morning Stake: September 19th

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 Your prayers have been answered as Texas Tech will host Oklahoma State at 7:00 p.m.

 Bring it on. And yes, I can’t wait. It’s gonna be great to hear Tuberville bumble around the broadcast booth. This is a situation that is embarrassing for HIM, not for Texas Tech. This isn’t a situation that even remotely bothers me. Tuberville can suck it and here’s the kicker. Tubervillee can’t do the one thing that he loves, which is coaching, because he’s failed at it pretty much ever since he left Auburn. I don’t like taking joy in those sorts of things, but karma baby. Karma.

 A-J Media’s Carlos Silva, Jr. writes about how Kliff Kingsbury has come full circle by opposing Houston this weekend:

While the ride to the top was rapid, Kingsbury was quick to note that he’s grateful for the initial chance the Houston coaching staff afforded him almost a decade ago.

“I have a lot of great memories, and I have a ton of respect for that university,” he said during the Big 12 media teleconference Monday. “I owe that university a lot for giving me an opportunity to start my career there. Loved my time there. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had coaching. Working with Case Keenum, that group in 2011. So, yeah, can’t say enough great things about the university, about the people there and my time at UH.”

 RedRaiderSports’ Aaron Dickens writes about how Texas Tech finally won a one-possession game, something that doesn’t happen:

Last year, the Red Raiders were 1-4 in one-possession games, doomed by fourth-quarter failures in all phases of the game. The team entered the final stanza tied with Kansas State 31-31, but the defense allowed the Wildcats to score on all three of their fourth-quarter possessions and the offense disappeared. Texas Tech pulled to within six of No. 16 Oklahoma early in the fourth quarter, but the defense was unable to get a stop the rest of the way out*. Two weeks later against Texas, down by eight, it was the defense that did its job in the fourth quarter, but the offense came up empty on three consecutive drives. Finally, down by seven against No. 13 Oklahoma State, the Red Raiders scored a touchdown with 1:44 left to play, but lost after missing the PAT.

Pin in on whatever you want, be it a lack of talent, inexperience, poor playcalls, bad luck or some combination of them all, but the 2016 Texas Tech football team failed over and over again in critical, late-game situations.

 Miscellaneous . . . ESPN’s Sam Khan, Jr. has the Big 12 power rankings and has Texas Tech at #7 . . . Heartland College Sports’ Pete Mundo also has Big 12 power rankings and also has Texas Tech at #7 . . .


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