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The Morning Stake | 2017.10.18

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  Via the Daily Toreador, T.J. Vasher received a racist message on Facebook from some guy in West Virginia, Brandon King, who worked as a corrections officer. That Facebook message said, “State of West Virginia hates your team. Especially a ni%%er filled team.” I believe that Aaron Dickens contacted the West Virginia Department of Corrections and received confirmation that King was fired.

  We covered the press conference yesterday, but as part of that press conference, I’m guessing that A-J Media’s Don Williams is the one that asked what players could play both ways:

“Douglas Coleman was a good receiver in high school,” Johnson said. “Vaughnte Dorsey, he swears he’s the best quarterback that’s come out of high school. He thinks he can throw the ball 70, 75 yards, and he said he just needs a moving target and he can prove it to us.”

 A-J Media’s Nicholas Talbot also updates on the kicker situation:

“We’ll see how the week goes, but yeah, definitely. If you don’t feel like you can make it from a certain distance, it definitely changes your preparation as a play caller and where your mind is at,” Kingsbury said. “I haven’t seen it in practice, but we’ve struggled in the games, obviously, so we’ve got to have some way to — where that translates from the practice field to the game field and handle those moments better.”

There are some more notes there that were also part of yesterday’s presser.

 RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz also has some more from Vaughnte Dorsey, Desmon Smith, Travis Bruffy and Keke Coutee, here’s a bit from Bruffy:

The defense the Cyclones run is similar to the one that West Virginia utilizes. Going off of last season though, Bruffy mentioned the fact that everything the Cyclones did gave them fits.

To him, the difference will be the fire that has built up inside the Red Raiders from last season.

“We have a chip on our shoulder and we’re going to take it to them,” Bruffy said. “We’re going to come out guns blazing. I think Iowa State is a great team. They’ve played every team tough. They beat a heck of an OU team so we’re not taking them lightly by any means – we can’t take anyone lightly. I think this one’s a little more special because what they did last year.”


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