5 Post Game Thoughts: Iowa State 31, Texas Tech 13

It’s not good.

Oh, man.

  1. When the running backs put two balls on the carpet to give Iowa State great field position, then the game is pretty much over. Texas Tech never recovered from those turnovers and it seemed like ball game from the second fumble forward. Tre King is the guy that moves the
  2. Nic Shimonek is a robot. He is doing exactly what he is supposed to do, but that’s the problem. There’s just not any magic or creativity. He does exactly what is supposed to do and it appeared that Iowa State knew that Shimonek wouldn’t deviate from teh game plan at all. Iowa State never changed their defense the entire game and just dared Texas Tech to do something in the passing game and that never happened.
  3. The defense absolutely struggles defending the pass and that’s a problem for next week because Oklahoma is going to be licking their chops to play against this secondary. There’s this soft zone where the defensive backs sometimes just don’t have a clue where teh receivers are at and that’s a problem.
  4. If opposing defenses know exactly what to expect offensively, then Texas Tech is going to have to change something up because the offense is simply stagnant, for the past 5 quarters, the offense has looked mechanical and a bit lost. They want to pass the ball, but when there’s 6 defensive backs in the backfield, then there’s just no reason to do so.
  5. I don’t take any pride in this, although there’s lots of folks that like to be “right” about where the program is and this is usually neither helpful or productive. This is sports’ depressing for me, to see the program get lapped by Iowa State isn’t a good thing. I expressed myself last year, about how the program just doesn’t seem to be progressing and I sorta feel that way after this game. It’s going to take a Herculean effort from the team to get to 7 wins.

These sorts of games bring out the worst in folks wanting to post hateful and negative things on STP and this blog, so if you see someone doing that, please flag the post. I can’t read every comment, I just don’t have the time. This is your place as much as it is mine and you guys can feel free to point out those trolls that only come out when Texas Tech is losing and feel like their bulletproof and 7′ tall because they’re anonymous commentors on a dumb site (STP). I’ll be happy to ban folks, but you need to let me know. To be honest, before Saturday’s game has even started, I’m writing things for next week. The process never stops and that means that I oftentimes cannot read the comments. Help me help you.


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