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The Morning Stake | 2017.10.25

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 A-J Media’s Don Williams writes about the receivers looking for an opening in opposing defenses:

Coutee and Cantrell both say there are windows to be found in the cover-3 double cloud look, but they tend to be small and can close quickly.

“I think that is a trend,” Cantrell said, “just forcing people to run the ball, which is one thing the Big 12 is not necessarily known for. So you have to adapt to that, establish the run game, which will hopefully bring the safeties down (closer to the line of scrimmage) a little bit so they have to help. Then it opens up the passing game.”

 RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz has the recap from talking with Madison Akamnonu, T.J. Vasher and DeMarcus Fields after practice and here’s a bit from Vasher:

“You know we had a tough going,” Vasher said. “But you know I feel like this week we’ll bounce back, practice harder, get things going again. I don’t think it’s anything none of us are too worried about.”

Vasher said he feels like the fire and intensity wasn’t there that was shown in the four wins the Red Raiders picked up.

In order to get back into that groove, Vasher said they need to trust in coach Kliff Kingsbury and in each other.

“You know just keep doing our jobs, attacking our assignments,” Vasher said, “and doing the things we’re required to do – go the extra mile for our teammates.”

  I’m ending on this because it’s in the news and it’s everywhere. This is not what I’d prefer to be writing about, but this is where we’re at. A-J Media’s Don Williams has Texas Tech’s response to Mike Leach retaining a PR firm to dig up dirt on Texas Tech in the hopes of getting paid the money he says he is owed by Texas Tech. As you might expect, Texas Tech said that the situation has been litigated and this is essentially a closed case for Texas Tech. I think that Leach is spending good money after bad and the likelihood that he recovers any portion of the money he thinks he is owed is probably little to none. But it’s also not my money, so Leach, you go be you.


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