The Morning Stake

The Morning Stake | 2017.12.02

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Carol of Lights

Texas Tech Volleyball

Another sweep for Tom Graystone and these ladies. They go to Fort Worth and play UC Irvine on Wednesday!

Texas Tech Basketball

Texas Tech Football

Well, the Aggies went out and bought them a head coach. TAMU is paying Jimbo Fisher $7 million a year for 10 years and all 10 years are guaranteed. GUARANTEED. The amount of money being passed around is mind-boggling and I think I’m going to be a football coach agent because I’d be rich. And Chad Morris must feel really scorned as the TAMU alum has now been passed over at the school he really wanted to coach.

In other coaching news, Mike Leach apparently interviewd with a rogue AD at Tennessee and was all but hired by said rogue AD but then the rogue AD was fired 15 hours after the interview. I wonder how Washington State fans feel about Leach. Also, at Arizona State, they seem intent on hiring Herm Edwards and I really don’t get that at all.


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