DanSwany’s Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve been told that I am very difficult to shop for gifts, and that I am very expensive. That is nonsense! This Christmas I am going to give Jessica and my family a nice little list of some practical items that I must have this holiday season. Here they are…

As I am getting older, I feel that there are a few things that I could pull off easier now from a fashion sense. That, or I just don’t give a damn what people think any longer? Anyways, I found this kickass Texas Tech vintage cardigan. My wife is gonna kill me, but I’ll wear this thing around the house all weekend long when it is chilly outside. You can find it online at HillFlint.com for $100.

Ever since junior high, I have loved some badass kicks! My favorite pair of all-time is the Flu Game Jordan XII’s. They are a thing of beauty, and I have always wanted another pair. The good news is that these came back in 2016 for a re-release. You can still get them at online footwear outlet FlightClub.com for $395. Flight Club is a pretty cool concept business in New York. They buy/sell hard to get authentic discontinued sneakers. Check it out if you are wanting a pair of basketball shoes that you have always loved, but cannot find.

While I am flossin’ my Texas Tech cardigan and matching kicks, I’m going to need to add a little bit of flare to my outfit with a nice watch. The one that I have my eye on is a Red Raider Movado. M. LaHart & Co. has an awesome men’s timepiece with a gunmetal gray/grey finish. You can get it for $995.

When I was at a birthday party, back a few months ago, a good friend of mine brought over a top-notch drone. I had seen some of the cheaper beginners drones, but never an advanced type up close and personal. The thing was amazing, and had such cool capabilities. Needless to say, I want one. I found that a lot of top reviews give the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum some excellent marks. They are going for around $1,099.

I was really disappointed that I missed out on Chris Beard’s Fantasy Basketball Camp this year. During August, Chris Beard held a basketball camp for old guys. As an attendee you get to learn from Coach Beard and staff about the game. They have current and former players interact with you; and give you first class service with lodging and meals. It lasts from Friday through Sunday, and each night you get an opportunity to enjoy social time with Chris Beard, his staff, and guest coaches. Who’s coming with me? This incredible experience will cost you $2,500.

Bonus Christmas Gift:

I’ve attended two men’s college basketball Final Four’s in my life. And, I plan on going to a few more. They are just about the greatest thing for a college basketball fan to experience. If you are going blow your dough on it, do it right and make all the games and get the real VIP treatment by showing up for all the pregame events. This season you can get into all the events and attend all the games in San Antonio with your hotel stay included during the Final Four for around $3,000 per person. You can get NCAA packages through PrimeSports.com, and you know the Riverwalk will be rockin’ when March Madness comes to town.


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