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The Morning Stake | 2017.12.18

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Bring Back The Old Double T

It’s Just a Tweet. On Saturday night I tweeted this and it got a lot of reaction, or at least a lot of reaction for my measly Twitter feed (As an update, the likes are actually up to 353, retweets are at 131 and replies at 12. That’s still a great ratio).

If the reaction from folks is any indication, only two people said they liked the old logo, but everyone else likes the old double t. Let’s figure out a way to brin gthis back on a permanent basis. if someone has any pull within the athletic department or with the big money, then let them know that this is the way that it should be. As our pal Brian noted, bevels are for Aggies. Let’s get rid of the bevels and go back to the double t.

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Basketball

Throwback Coverage. The throwback game coverage continues to be really fantastic. Some video of the alumni participating in the game and the top five plays (plays 3-1 are just stupid).

Texas Tech Football

Catching Up. If you missed the news this weekend, you missed that Kirby Hocutt agreeing to a contract extension until 2025 and make sure and check out the non-transcript with Kliff Kingsbury and David Gibbs from Saturday morning.


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