Texas Tech Football Eligibility Chart: Offensive Line

The deepest position on the team.

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Offensive Line

Position Player 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Offensive Line Jack Anderson SO (6-5/320)
Madison Akamnonu JR (6-5/320)
Colin Yang SO (6-3/280)
Peyton Steele (6-2/290)
Zach Adams SO (6-6/320)
John Gerold JR (6-4/285)
Casey Verhulst RS FR (6-6/305)
Bailey Smith JR (6-6/305)
Jack Reichel SR (6-5/290)
Dawson Deaton RS FR (6-6/305)
Will Farrar RS FR (6-5/320)
Giovanni Pancotti SO (6-6/310)
Paul Stawarz SR (6-6/295)
Jacob Hines SR (6-6/320)
Terence Steele JR (6-6/320)
Travis Bruffy JR (6-6/305)
Troy Bradshaw FR (6-7/258)
Clayton Franks FR (6-4/275)
Demarcus Marshall FR (6-3/333)
Hakeem White FR (6-3/281)
Weston Wright FR (6-7/290)
TOTALS 21 18 13 9 0

This is the deepest position and it’s not even close. It helps a ton for there to be all of the offensive line recruiting class signed and things look entirely different.

Eligibility Number: (number of scholarship years available / number of players): 2.88

It also makes a big difference when you sign three solid recruiting classes in terms of numbers. By my figures, I think there are 18 scholarship offensive linemen, 5 of those 18 are guys that have already signed some oof those 5 should be around in December. I’ve also not thought a ton about this, but Brandon Jones definitely recruits a different sort of player than hays did. Jones doesn’t mind getting some sorter players, like Marshall and White. I think those guys are pretty talented.

Regardless of those true freshmen, this is a position group that’s set up for the long haul and it is a line that has some stability. Now we need to see some improvement and consistency. Stronger. Nastier. Tougher.


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