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On Tuesday the Texas Tech students rushed like a stampede into the basketball game, trying to get a good seat as we were about to take on Trae Young and the #23 Oklahoma Sooners. Here is the scene –

I love it! Texas Tech fans are excited about basketball, and witnessing this program making a historic leap in the Big 12 to the top of the conference. Rolling with a 7 game win streak, and 6 straight wins in the Big 12 is something to be enthusiastic about. Men’s basketball has always had a backseat to football in the state of Texas, and that is just the way it is. You are never going to change that, and it doesn’t really matter. I am a transplant here in Texas, yet I consider my hometown to be Houston since it is the city where I’ve spent the most years of my adolescence and adult life. I come from a basketball family which is where my roots grew. I understand most people don’t stand around the water cooler at work and chat about college basketball. I’m okay with that, because the basketball junkies can easily be found and most of the passionate hoops fans know their stuff backwards and forwards.

It is a special time to be in Lubbock for these Texas Tech students, because right now we are creating lifelong college basketball fans. I have never observed in 7 seasons of writing about TTU basketball the type of engagement and interacting surrounding this Red Raiders men’s basketball program. Social media is on fire, and the national media has started to spread the word that this Texas Tech team is FOR REAL. We are a consistent Top 10 team in the country, and have a chance to overthrow Kansas as the outright Big 12 champs for the first time in over a decade. Just 5 more games left on the regular season, and if we can take care of business the crown shall be ours!

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A fabulous time for all Red Raider fans, that we should indulge in for the present time. Basketball fever has been caught by not just the students, but all our Texas Tech fanbase. Check out these numbers from the official attendance sheet for the following Big 12 home games in Lubbock…

vs Baylor – 12,827
vs Kansas State – 12,531
vs West Virginia – 15,098
vs Oklahoma State – 12,585
vs Texas – 15,098
vs Iowa State – 13,221
vs Oklahoma – 15,098

The United Supermarkets Arena has a seating capacity of 15,098. We have hit that sellout mark in 3 of the games, and the last 2 in Lubbock against Kansas & TCU have already been sold out. The Red Raiders have not lost at home this entire season! Two more games, and the old motto from our athletic sponsor Under Armour “Protect This House” will be the correct theme for the basketball team.

Chris Beard and staff have made it a magical time for Texas Tech, let’s ride the wave for as long as we can. There will always be the fear that we will come crashing back to reality. There will always be people in the media, other teams fans, and even some of our own Red Raiders that have a negative outlook waiting for the sky to fall. Push that aside, and enjoy the moment. I sure as hell am relishing what is happening right now! And, I am overjoyed with what is to come in the future.

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Do you have a feeling inside that makes you start getting pumped when thinking about the next Texas Tech men’s basketball game? You are finding yourself shuffling around your own personal schedule to watch the basketball games? You are talking and researching some things more about Tech basketball than normal? You get upset at the other teams poking fun at our Red Raiders basketball program history or attitude? You are counting and analyzing the games we have left on the schedule and how we finish the season in the Big 12? You find yourself eager for March Madness to approach? How we will do, which other teams we should be worried about? Then you have already caught the fever. Welcome to the life of a true college basketball fan. I have been living that way for most of mine. Wreck ’em Tech!!!


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